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Volume 36 | Number 2–3 | October 2023

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory: 50 Years of Innovative Research in Oceanography

On the Cover: The cover illustration depicts many of the technologies that support research at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL). (1) Saildrone. (2) Ecosystems & Fisheries Oceanography (FOCI) mooring. (3) NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite. (4) Wave Glider. (5) NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown. (6) DART mooring acoustically linked to a (14) Bottom Pressure Recorder and a (12) profiling crawler, or Prawler, on the mooring line. (7) Papa mooring. (8) Tropical moored buoy. (9) Argo float. (10) Oculus glider. (11) NOAA remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer. (13) Hydrophone. (15) CTD-rosette with a (16) Miniature Autonomous Plume Recorder (MAPR) on the wire. Communications satellites (not shown) relay ocean data from many of these platforms to PMEL. Background map by Google Earth. (View labeled cover)
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Volume 36 Issue 2–3

Jump to the flipbook version of this special issue to page through the full issue and watch embedded videos and animations! In Feely et al., watch animations of ocean pH as well as calcium and aragonite saturation states through time. In Walker, view a movie of West Mata submarine volcano showing results from MAPR (Miniature Autonomous Plume Recorder) data collection. In Hermann et al., watch animations derived from model outputs. In Butterfield et al., view a video of the seafloor taken by Schmidt Ocean Institute’s remotely operated vehicle Subastian. In Bernard et al., watch animations and videos related to tsunami propagation and forecasting.


By Richard W. Spinrad

By Richard A. Feely

The History and Evolution of PMEL: Purposeful Research that Impacts Environmental Policy
By Michelle M. McClure, Christopher L. Sabine, Richard A. Feely, Stephen R. Hammond, Christian Meinig, Michael J. McPhaden, Phyllis J. Stabeno, and Eddie Bernard

Data Processing and Management at PMEL: A 50-Year Perspective
By Eugene F. Burger, Kevin M. O’Brien, Steven Hankin, Roland Schweitzer, Linus Kamb, Sage Osborne, and Ansley Manke

Tropical Ocean Observations for Weather and Climate: A Decadal Overview of the Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array
By Michael J. McPhaden, Kenneth J. Connell, Gregory R. Foltz, Renellys C. Perez, and Karen Grissom

SIDEBAR • Surviving Piracy and the Coronavirus Pandemic
By Kenneth J. Connell, Michael J. McPhaden, Gregory R. Foltz, Renellys C. Perez, and Karen Grissom

PMEL Ocean Climate Stations as Reference Time Series and Research Aggregate Devices
By Meghan F. Cronin, Nathan D. Anderson, Dongxiao Zhang, Patrick Berk, Samantha M. Wills, Yolande Serra, Catherine Kohlman, Adrienne J. Sutton, Makio C. Honda, Yoshimi Kawai, Jie Yang, Jim Thomson, Noah Lawrence-Slavas, Jack Reeves Eyre, and Christian Meinig

After Two Decades, Argo at PMEL, Looks to the Future
By Gregory C. Johnson and Andrea J. Fassbender

PMEL’s Contribution to Observing and Analyzing Decadal Global Ocean Changes Through Sustained Repeat Hydrography
By Zachary K. Erickson, Brendan R. Carter, Richard A. Feely, Gregory C. Johnson, Jonathan D. Sharp, and Rolf E. Sonnerup

Observing Extreme Ocean and Weather Events Using Innovative Saildrone Uncrewed Surface Vehicles
By Dongxiao Zhang, Andrew M. Chiodi, Chidong Zhang, Gregory R. Foltz, Meghan F. Cronin, Calvin W. Mordy, Jessica Cross, Edward D. Cokelet, Jun A. Zhang, Christian Meinig, Noah Lawrence-Slavas, Phyllis J. Stabeno, and Richard Jenkins

Long-Term Biophysical Observations and Climate Impacts in US Arctic Marine Ecosystems
By Phyllis J. Stabeno, Shaun Bell, Catherine Berchok, Edward D. Cokelet, Jessica Cross, Ryan M. McCabe, Calvin W. Mordy, James Overland, David Strausz, Margaret Sullivan, and Heather M. Tabisola

SIDEBAR • Advancing Observational Infrastructure in the Arctic
By Scott Stalin, Shaun Bell, Nicholas Delich, Calvin W. Mordy, Phyllis J. Stabeno, Heather M. Tabisola, and Dirk Tagawa

Progress of Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations in the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Passes
By Calvin W. Mordy, Nicholas A. Bond, Edward D. Cokelet, Alison Deary, Emily Lemagie, Peter Proctor, Phyllis J. Stabeno, Heather M. Tabisola, Thomas Van Pelt, and Eric Wisegarver

Applications of Biophysical Modeling to Pacific High-Latitude Ecosystems
By Albert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Phyllis J. Stabeno, Darren J. Pilcher, Kelly A. Kearney, and Kirstin K. Holsman

SPOTLIGHT • Monitoring Biodiversity Impacts of a Changing Arctic Through Environmental DNA
By Matthew P. Galaska, Shannon D. Brown, and Sean M. McAllister

SPOTLIGHT • REVAMP: Rapid Exploration and Visualization through an Automated Metabarcoding Pipeline
By Sean M. McAllister, Christopher Paight, Emily L. Norton, and Matthew P. Galaska

Acidification of the Global Surface Ocean: What We Have Learned from Observations
By Richard A. Feely, Li-Qing Jiang, Rik Wanninkhof, Brendan R. Carter, Simone R. Alin, Nina Bednaršek, and Catherine E. Cosca

Global Synthesis of the Status and Trends of Ocean Acidification Impacts on Shelled Pteropods
By Nina Bednaršek, Richard A. Feely, Greg Pelletier, and Flora Desmet

Evaluating the Evolving Ocean Acidification Risk to Dungeness Crab: Time-Series Observations and Modeling on the Olympic Coast, Washington, USA
By Simone R. Alin, Samantha A. Siedlecki, Halle Berger, Richard A. Feely, Jeannette E. Waddell, Brendan R. Carter, Jan A. Newton, Ervin Joe Schumacker, and Daniel Ayres

SIDEBAR • Building Unique Collaborative Global Marine CO2 Observatories
By Sylvia Musielewicz, John Osborne, Stacy Maenner Jones, Roman Battisti, Sean Dougherty, and Randy Bott

Can Seasonal Forecasts of Ocean Conditions Aid Fishery Managers? Experiences from 10 Years of J-SCOPE
By Samantha Ann Siedlecki, Simone R. Alin, Emily L. Norton, Nicholas A. Bond , Albert J. Hermann, Richard A. Feely, and Jan A. Newton

Climate Roles of Non-Sea Salt Sulfate and Sea Spray Aerosol in the Atmospheric Marine Boundary Layer: Highlights of 40 Years of PMEL Research
By Patricia K. Quinn, Timothy S. Bates, Derek J. Coffman, James E. Johnson, and Lucia M. Upchurch

50 Years of PMEL Tsunami Research and Development
By Eddie Bernard, Christian Meinig, Vasily V. Titov, and Yong Wei

Technology Transfer of PMEL Tsunami Research Protects Populations and Expands the New Blue Economy
By Vasily V. Titov, Christian Meinig, Scott Stalin, Yong Wei, Christopher Moore, and Eddie Bernard

PMEL Passive Acoustics Research: Quantifying the Ocean Soundscape from Whales to Wave Energy
By Robert P. Dziak, Haru Matsumoto, Samara Haver, David K. Mellinger, Lauren Roche, Joseph H. Haxel, Scott Stalin, Christian Meinig, Katie Kohlman, Angie Sremba, Jason Gedamke, Leila Hatch, and Sofie Van Parijs

SPOTLIGHT • The PMEL Earth-Ocean Interactions Program: Beyond Vents
By David A. Butterfield, Sharon L. Walker, Tamara Baumberger, Jeff Beeson, Joseph Resing, Susan G. Merle, Anson Antriasian, Kevin Roe, Guang-Sin Lu, Pamela Barrett, and William W. Chadwick Jr.

Accelerating Research and Development in the US Arctic Reflections on a NOAA Program
By Heather M. Tabisola, Calvin W. Mordy, and Scott Stalin

Special Issue Guest Editors

Richard Feely, NOAA PMEL
Eddie Bernard, NOAA PMEL
Stephen Hammond, NOAA PMEL
Michelle McClure, NOAA PMEL
Michael McPhaden, NOAA PMEL
Phyllis Stabeno, NOAA PMEL
Diane Stanitski, NOAA PMEL
Chidong Zhang, NOAA PMEL


Support for this issue was provided by NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.