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Early Releases

Posted on July 5, 2020
Regional Character of the “Global Monsoon”: Paleoclimate Insights from Northwest Indian Lacustrine Sediments

Dixit, Y. Regional character of the “global monsoon”: Paleoclimate insights from northwest Indian lacustrine sediments. Oceanography 33(2), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2020.206.

Posted on June 29, 2020
Reconstruction of Ocean Circulation Based on Neodymium Isotopic Composition: Potential Limitations and Application to the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Tachikawa, K., W. Rapuc, Q. Dubois-Dauphin, A. Guihou, and C. Skonieczny. Reconstruction of ocean circulation based on neodymium isotopic composition: Potential limitations and application to the Mid-Pleistocene Transition. Oceanography 33(2), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2020.205.

Posted on June 28, 2020
Good News Fish Story

Dybas, C.L. 2020. Good news fish story. Oceanography 33(2), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2020.204.

Posted on May 28, 2020
Linkages Between Dynamic Phytoplankton C:N:P and the Ocean Carbon Cycle Under Climate Change

Matsumoto, K., T. Tanioka, and R. Rickaby. Linkages between dynamic phytoplankton C:N:P and the ocean carbon cycle under climate change. Oceanography 33(2), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2020.203.

Posted on May 11, 2020
The Origins of Oceanography in France: The Scientific Expeditions of Travailleur and Talisman (1880–1883)

Dolan, J.R. The origins of oceanography in France: The scientific expeditions of Travailleur and Talisman (1880–1883). Oceanography 33(2), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2020.202.

Posted on April 22, 2020
Project EDDIE: Using Real Data in Science Classrooms

Soule, D. 2020. Project EDDIE: Using real data in science classrooms. Oceanography 33(2), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2020.201.