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Volume 36 | Number 1 | March 2023

SUPPLEMENT • Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Emerging Technologies for Understanding and Managing a Changing Ocean

On the Cover: A depiction of some of the many platforms that scientists use to sample and sense the ocean, including (from left to right) moorings, autonomous underwater vehicles, CTD rosettes, and towed vehicles (not to scale). See Govindarajan et al. (2023, in this supplement) to read about how these platforms can be used to sample environmental DNA for studies of the mesopelagic ocean. Illustration by Natalie Renier, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
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Volume 36 Supplement 1

Articles in this second Frontiers in Ocean Observing supplement to Oceanography describe new technologies and reveal some exciting results that advance our understanding of the world ocean and its resources and support its sustainable use and management. Topics covered in the supplement align with the priorities of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030) in the following areas: Ocean-Climate Nexus, Ecosystems and Their Diversity, Ocean Pollution, Multi-Hazard Warning Systems, and Technology. We hope that you enjoy this supplement and share it widely.

Kappel, E.S., V. Cullen, M.J. Costello, L. Galgani, C. Gordó-Vilaseca, A. Govindarajan, S. Kouhi, C. Lavin, L. McCartin, J.D. Müller, B. Pirenne, T. Tanhua, Q. Zhao, and S. Zhao, eds. 2023. Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Emerging Technologies for Understanding and Managing a Changing Ocean. Oceanography 36(Supplement 1), https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2023.s1.




Introduction to Frontiers in Ocean Observing
By Ellen S. Kappel, Mark John Costello, Luisa Galgani, Cesc Gordó-Vilaseca, Annette Govindarajan, Soroush Kouhi, Charles Lavin, Luke McCartin, Jens Daniel Müller, Benoît Pirenne, Toste Tanhua, Qianshuo Zhao, and Shiye Zhao


Operational Monitoring of Open-Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal Deployments: Detection, Attribution, and Determination of Side Effects
By Philip W. Boyd, Hervé Claustre, Louis Legendre, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, and Pierre-Yves Le Traon

A Low-Cost Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System for Coastal and Estuarine Sensor Networks
By Philip J. Bresnahan, Elizabeth Farquhar, Daniel Portelli, Michael Tydings, Taylor Wirth, and Todd Martz

PERSPECTIVE • Perspective: The Growing Potential of Antarctic Blue Carbon
By Chester J. Sands, Nadescha Zwerschke, Narissa Bax, David K.A. Barnes, Camille Moreau, Rachel Downey, Bernabé Moreno, Christoph Held, and Maria Paulsen

PERSPECTIVE • Net Zero: Actions for an Ocean-Climate Solution
By Anya Waite, Mike Smit, Eric Siegel, Greg Hanna, and Sara Leslie

Using Soundscapes to Assess Changes in Coral Reef Social-Ecological Systems
By Tzu-Hao Lin, Frederic Sinniger, Saki Harii, and Tomonari Akamatsu

Functional Seascapes: Understanding the Consequences of Hypoxia and Spatial Patterning in Pelagic Ecosystems
By Stephen B. Brandt, Sarah E. Kolesar, Cassandra N. Glaspie, Arnaud Laurent, Cynthia E. Sellinger, James J. Pierson, Michael R. Roman, and William C. Boicourt

Recent Marine Heatwaves Affect Marine Ecosystems from Plankton to Seabirds in the Northern Gulf of Alaska
By Suzanne Strom and and the Northern Gulf of Alaska Long-Term Ecosystem Research Team

Modeling Aquaculture Suitability in a Climate Change Future
By Amy Leigh Mackintosh, Griffin Goldstein Hill, Mark John Costello, Alexander Jueterbock, and Jorge Assis

Monitoring Algal Blooms with Complementary Sensors on Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales
By David R. Williamson, Glaucia M. Fragoso, Sanna Majaneva, Alberto Dallolio, Daniel Ø. Halvorsen, Oliver Hasler, Adriënne E. Oudijk, Dennis D. Langer, Tor Arne Johansen, Geir Johnsen, Annette Stahl, Martin Ludvigsen, and Joseph L. Garrett

UAV High-Resolution Imaging and Disease Surveys Combine to Quantify Climate-Related Decline in Seagrass Meadows
By Lillian R. Aoki, Bo Yang, Olivia J. Graham, Carla Gomes, Brendan Rappazzo, Timothy L. Hawthorne, J. Emmett Duffy, and Drew Harvell

Long-Term Observations of Hypoxia off the Yangtze River Estuary: Toward Prediction and Operational Application
By Xiaobo Ni, Feng Zhou, Dingyong Zeng, Dewang Li, Tao Zhang, Kui Wang, Yunlong Ma, Qicheng Meng, Xiao Ma, Qianjiang Zhang, Daji Huang, and Jianfang Chen


Exploring Methods for Understanding and Quantifying Plastic-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter
By Lixin Zhu, Nicola Gaggelli, Amedeo Boldrini, Aron Stubbins, and Steven Arthur Loiselle

On the Potential for Optical Detection of Microplastics in the Ocean
By Daniel Koestner, Robert Foster, and Ahmed El-Habashi

Sediment Traps: A Renowned Tool in Oceanography Applied to New Marine Pollutants
By Luisa Galgani, Helmke Hepach, Kevin W. Becker, and Anja Engel

Developing Realistic Models for Assessing Marine Plastic Pollution in Semi-Enclosed Seas
By Jun She, Asbjørn Christensen, Francesca Garaventa, Urmas Lips, Jens Murawski, Manolis Ntoumas, and Kostas Tsiaras


Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Network for the Sustainable Development of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean
By Juan Carlos Herguera, Edward M. Peters, Julio Sheinbaum, Paula Pérez-Brunius, Vanesa Magar, Enric Pallàs-Sanz, Sheila Estrada Allis, M. Leopoldina Aguirre-Macedo, Victor Manuel Vidal-Martinez, Cecilia Enriquez, Ismael Mariño Tapia, Hector García Nava, Xavier Flores Vidal, Tomas Salgado, Rosario Romero-Centeno, Jorge Zavala-Hidalgo, Eduardo Amir Cuevas Flores, Abigail Uribe Martínez, and Laura Carrillo

An Experimental Platform to Study Wind, Hydrodynamic, and Biochemical Conditions in the Littoral Zone During Extreme Coastal Storms
By Brian M. Phillips , Forrest J. Masters, Britt Raubenheimer, Maitane Olabarrieta, Elise S. Morrison, Pedro L. Fernández-Cabán, Christopher C. Ferraro, Justin R. Davis, Taylor A. Rawlinson, and Michael B. Rodgers

Probabilistic Approaches to Coastal Risk Decision-Making Under Future Sea Level Projections
By Tom Spencer, Elizabeth Christie, Mike Dobson, Steve Downie, Richard Eyres, Sue Manson, and Angela Hibbert

The Texas A&M – University of Haifa Eastern Mediterranean Observatory: Monitoring the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
By Gianna Milton, Steven F. DiMarco, Anthony H. Knap, John Walpert, and Roee Diamant

Subsea Cables as Enablers of a Next Generation Global Ocean Sensing System
By Eduardo Pereira, Marcos Tieppo, João Faria, Douglas Hart, Pierre Lermusiaux, and and the K2D Project Team

Integrating Topographic and Bathymetric Data for High-Resolution Digital Elevation Modeling to Support Tsunami Hazard Mapping
By Cassandra Bosma, Adrienne Shumlich, Mark Rankin, Soroush Kouhi, and Reza Amouzgar

Assessment of Tsunami Hazard Along British Columbia Coastlines from Coseismic Sources
By Soroush Kouhi, Reza Amouzgar, Mark Rankin, Cassandra Bosma, and Adrienne Shumlich

Detection of Landslides and Tsunamis in Douglas Channel and Gardner Canal, British Columbia
By Fatemeh Nemati, Lucinda Leonard, Andrew Schaeffer, Gwyn Lintern, Camille Brillon, and Richard Thomson

EASTMOC: Environmental Alert System for Timely Maintenance of the Coastal Zone
By Vitalijus Kondrat, Ilona Šakurova, Eglė Baltranaitė, and Loreta Kelpšaitė-Rimkienė


Advances in Environmental DNA Sampling for Observing Ocean Twilight Zone Animal Diversity
By Annette F. Govindarajan, Allan Adams, Elizabeth Allan, Santiago Herrera, Andone Lavery, Joel Llopiz, Luke McCartin, Dana R. Yoerger, and Weifeng Zhang

Detecting Mediterranean White Sharks with Environmental DNA
By Jeremy F. Jenrette, Jennifer L. Jenrette, N. Kobun Truelove, Stefano Moro, Nick I. Dunn, Taylor K. Chapple, Austin J. Gallagher, Chiara Gambardella, Robert Schallert, Brendan D. Shea, David J. Curnick, Barbara A. Block, and Francesco Ferretti

Toward Identifying the Critical Ecological Habitat of Larval Fishes: An Environmental DNA Window into Fisheries Management
By Erin V. Satterthwaite, Andrew E. Allen, Robert H. Lampe, Zachary Gold, Andrew R. Thompson, Noelle Bowlin, Rasmus Swalethorp, Kelly D. Goodwin, Elliott L. Hazen, Steven J. Bograd, Stephanie A. Matthews, and Brice X. Semmens

The Use of eDNA to Monitor Pelagic Fish in Offshore Floating Wind Farms
By Thomas G. Dahlgren, Jon Thomassen Hestetun, and Jessica Ray

Deep-Sea Predator-Prey Dynamics Revealed by Biologging and eDNA Analysis
By Véronique J. Merten, Fleur Visser, and Henk-Jan T. Hoving

Evaluating Connectivity of Coastal Marine Habitats in the Gulf of Maine by Integrating Passive Acoustics and Metabarcoding
By Grant Milne, Jennifer Miksis-Olds, Alyssa Stasse, Bo-Young Lee, Dylan Wilford, and Bonnie Brown

Special Issue Guest Editors

Ocean-Climate Nexus: Observations for Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal
• Jens D. Müller, ETH Zürich
• Toste Tanhua, GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel

Ecosystems and Their Diversity: Patterns and Trends in Ocean Biodiversity Under Climate Change
• Mark J. Costello, Nord University
• Qianshuo Zhao, Ocean University of China, Qingdao
• Charles Lavin, Nord University
• Cesc Gordó-Vilaseca, Nord University

Ocean Pollutants: Assessing the Damage Caused by Marine Plastic Pollution
• Luisa Galgani, GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel
• Shiye Zhao, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Multi-Hazard Warning Systems: Ocean Observations for Coastal Hazard Warning
• Soroush Kouhi, Ocean Networks Canada
• Benoît Pirenne, Ocean Networks Canada

Technology: Environmental DNA
• Annette Govindarajan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
• Luke McCartin, Lehigh University