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On this page you will find graduate student and early career job and fellowship links, shiptime opportunities, and helpful articles and websites. If there is some information you would like us to include on this page, please send us a note.

Looking to gain leadership skills? Submit your self nomination for TOS Council or Committees by 11/30/23! The process is simple and we invite involvement from all members of the ocean science community. Learn more at:

Recognizing excellence in the ocean sciences community provides a valuable opportunity to honor achievements and inspire the next generation. Let's keep the tradition going! Learn more at

Submit your self-nomination for TOS Council (by 10/31) and/or a Committee (by 11/30)! These positions provide valuable leadership experience as well as networking opportunities.

Details are available on the Council and Committee page:

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument is home to some of the most beautiful #dumbooctopuses! Our #CorpsofExploration spotted this one over 1,600m deep while exploring Woollard Seamount, roughly 40 nautical miles north of Hōlanikū (Kure Atoll) during our NA154 expedition.

Want to inspire students to get the most out of their fieldwork experience? Check out this new The Oceanography Classroom article in @TOSOceanography : Activity Bingo: Nudging Students to Make the Most Out of Fieldwork by Glessmer et al.

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Oceanography Career Profiles

Read nearly 100 career profiles of marine scientists who have pursued successful and fulfilling careers outside of academia. These profiles discuss the career paths taken, decisions made along the way, and job satisfaction, and provide advice on job searches.

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Oceanography Student News Archive

These issues included a regular column from the TOS student representative, links to career profiles of non-academic oceanographers, profiles of TOS student subcommittee members, and information on student activities planned for the upcoming scientific meetings. 

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