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TOS NEWS – July 27, 2020

1. From the President, Martin Visbeck

Summer 2020 has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Normally, this season is a time for regaining strength, relaxed daily routines, travel, vacation, or deep immersion in science. This year all seems somewhat different. The global coronavirus pandemic is still with us, and different parts of the world have different challenges. Nothing seems normal. At times of global challenge, the inequality of conditions becomes more visible. There have been several movements around the world to address issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in many parts of society. I am very pleased that the TOS presidents and TOS leadership are engaged and have taken steps to address these issues in the context of TOS and the ocean science community we serve. We have established a Tiger Team to develop ideas for action. Team members are Mona Behl, NOAA Sea Grant Program; Susanne Craig, NASA; Dick Crout, Naval Research Laboratory; Chrissy Hernandez, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Allison Miller, Schmidt Ocean Institute; Tashiana Osborne, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and Charitha Pattiaratchi, University of Western Australia. One of their key recommendations was to establish a standing JEDI committee for TOS. Last week, the Council approved the proposal and we are happy to announce an open call for membership. We are looking for TOS members who want to engage actively to bring about change to TOS and the ocean science community. 

We have also selected the TOS representatives for the 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting Planning Committee, and I personally want to thank all who put their names forward. We had a healthy slate to choose from and hope that those who have not been selected will still engage in this or related TOS activities.

Finally, I would like to remind all of you that we have several Council positions to fill. I am also looking forward to receiving your nominations for 2021 TOS Fellows as well as Early Career, Mentoring, and Ocean Observing Team awards. Details about the criteria and nomination process can be found on the updated TOS honors website.

Despite the many challenges facing us, I wish you all a healthy, enjoyable, and productive summer.

2. Announcing the OSM 2022 TOS Representatives

After reviewing nominations submitted by TOS members, we’re excited to announce the TOS representatives to the 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting Planning Committee that we share with AGU and ASLO. Grace Chang (Integral Consulting) served as Vice-Chair for 2020 and now serves as the TOS co-chair. Dick Crout (Naval Research Lab) is the Vice-Chair for 2022 and will become Co-Chair in 2024; Logan Brenner (Barnard College) will serve as the Early Career Representative, and Josette McLean (Hampton University) is the Student Representative. Our TOS team, along with their counterparts from AGU and ASLO will soon begin the planning process to ensure a successful event incorporating both in-person and virtual components.

3. Self-Nominations Welcomed for the TOS Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee

The TOS Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee will engage with the TOS community, take actions and make concrete suggestions to advance issues in the context of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). The Committee will support the TOS community in embracing and celebrating our differences, broadening participation, and creating a culture of belonging. In addition, it will suggest ways in which the TOS Council can facilitate the recruitment, participation, and retention of diverse individuals into its membership; combat injustice, discrimination, and harassment in the ocean science discipline; and ensure that the benefits of ocean sciences are accrued by all members of the Society. We invite interested members to submit a self-nomination for this committee by using this online application. Submissions are due August 31.

4. TOS Council Election

To better include additional voices from all areas of ocean science, the following additional thematic positions have been added to the TOS Council: Early Career, Ocean Social Science and Policy, and Ocean Data Science. These three positions as well as those for President-Elect, Physical Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, and Education will be on this fall’s election ballot. Following our tradition of making these opportunities available to a wide number of TOS members, we will invite members to submit self-nominations for consideration for inclusion on the ballot for the Council positions. The self-nomination system will be available by mid-August, but you are welcome to contact the TOS Executive Director or TOS President with questions.


Program Director (Rotator), Physical Oceanography Program, Division of Ocean Sciences, Directorate of Geosciences

The Physical Oceanography Program (PO) within the Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) in the Directorate of Geosciences (GEO) announces a nationwide search for a Program Director (Rotator) with experience and expertise in any aspect of physical oceanography. The PO Program supports research on topics associated with the physical structure and movement of ocean water masses and quantities within them, across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. This includes interactions of ocean circulation and fluid dynamics with ocean biology and chemistry, and with the atmosphere, solid earth and ice. More information about the position, the possible appointment options and instructions for applications can be found at the “Career Opportunities” section of the NSF website or the following this link.

Program Director, Chemical Oceanography Program, Division of Ocean Sciences, Directorate of Geosciences

The Chemical Oceanography Program (CO) within the Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) in the Directorate of Geosciences (GEO) announces a nationwide search for a Program Director (Rotator) with experience and expertise in any aspect of chemical oceanography. Follow this link to learn more. The CO Program supports research into the chemistry of the oceans and the role of the oceans in global geochemical cycles. Areas of interest include chemical composition, speciation, and transformation; chemical exchanges between the oceans and other components of the Earth system; internal cycling in oceans, seas, and estuaries; and the use of measured chemical distributions as indicators of physical, biological, and geological processes. The person selected for this position will work with the other Program Officers who oversee the CO Program to balance the award portfolio across the entire range of disciplines supported by the Program. 

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