teaching_phys_tnTeaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach | This supplement to Oceanography magazine focuses on educational approaches to help engage students in learning and offers a collection of hands-on/minds-on activities for teaching physical concepts that are fundamental in oceanography.

hands-on_tnHands-On Oceanography | A recurring column in Oceanography magazine provides hands-on activities for teaching fundamental oceanography concepts in undergraduate and graduate classrooms.

sci_speaking_tnScientifically Speaking: Tips for Preparing and Delivering Scientific Talks and Using Visual Aids | This booklet provides guidance on preparing and presenting posters, short oral presentations, and longer invited lectures to aid in effective scientific communication.

ocean_classroom_tnThe Oceanography Classroom | A recurring column in Oceanography magazine provides insights into undergraduate and graduate education in the ocean sciences.

Education and Public Outreach: A Guide for Scientists | This guide provides basic information for scientists who wish to engage in education and public outreach.

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