TOS Early Career Award

Awarded for Having Demonstrated Extraordinary Scientific Excellence and Potential to Shape the Future of Oceanography

About the Award

The TOS Early Career Award is presented biennially to up to three TOS members for or significant early-career research contributions and impact, and the potential for future achievements in the field of oceanography. The Early Career Award also seeks to recognize individuals who have additionally made significant contributions toward educating and mentoring in the ocean sciences community and/or who have a record of outstanding outreach and/or science communication beyond the scientific community.

The new awardees are recognized at the TOS event during the Ocean Sciences Meeting and receive a certificate. The announcement of selection is disseminated via TOS News and social media and Oceanography magazine.


The nomination period is July 1 – October 31, 2023.


Nominees must be within 12 years of earning their highest degrees. > More

Nomination Procedure

The lead nominator serves as the point of contact. All nomination materials are submitted via the online submission system. > More



Celebrating Excellence in Ocean Science

Sea-Bird Scientific and TOS hosted a virtual awards ceremony honoring April Abbott and James Watson, recipients of the 2021 TOS Early Career Awards.

This event highlighted the ability of scientific societies and the private sector to come together to promote and highlight the science that is driving our understanding of key global questions, such as climate change, complexities in our oceanic environment, and international resource management. It also showcased the diversity in the type of research being done that is driving change across the globe.

April Abbott set the stage in showcasing the complexity in generating a holistic view of oceanic conditions, utilizing a detailed analysis of her chemical oceanographic research, which focused on utilizing Neodynium to trace water mass circulation.

James Watson helps put research such as April’s into perspective on a global scale – bettering our understanding of the implications of our changing ocean climate. From phytoplankton dispersion to the complexity and interconnectedness of our global food webs, James explains how we can better facilitate global oceanic resource management and allocation.

The 2021 Award Recipients

The Oceanography Society is proud to announce the 2021 TOS Early Career Award recipients April Abbott, Ryan Abernathey, and James Watson. > Meet the Recipients

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