TOS Governance

TOS Council

TOS Council members guide the direction and activities of the Society. Representing the broad range of expertise and experience across the ocean sciences, Council members serve a three-year term and participate in regular conference calls to conduct customary oversight responsibilities such as reviewing financial and other reports as well as the developing and implementing new programs. 

TOS Ethics Committee

The TOS Ethics Committee is responsible for investigating reported cases of alleged scientific misconduct by TOS members, attendees at TOS conferences, and other TOS-related activities. The Ethics Committee makes recommendations to the TOS Council and also works with the Council on other matters relating to ethics.

TOS JEDI Committee

The TOS Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee engages with the TOS community, takes actions, and makes concrete suggestions to advance issues in the context of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The committee supports the TOS community in embracing and celebrating our differences, broadening participation, and creating a culture of belonging.

TOS Student Committee

The TOS Student Committee is dedicated to increasing the engagement of student members with Society activities and hopes to leverage student members’ considerable energy and passion to advance TOS goals. A vibrant Student Committee will create a deeper sense of community and encourage sustained membership in TOS after their student status ends.

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