TOS Fellows Program

Recognizing Individuals Who Have Attained Eminence in Oceanography Through Their Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Oceanography or Its Applications During a Substantial Period of Years

About the Award

The Fellows Program was established in 2004 to recognize TOS members who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of oceanography through scientific excellence, extraordinary service and leadership, and/or strategic development of the field. The TOS Fellows Program seeks to recognize individuals who have additionally made signficant contributions toward educating and mentoring students and early career ocean scientists or toward promoting broader understanding of oceanography and oceanographic research to the general public.

The Fellows Program recognizes TOS members from all fields of oceanography, reflecting their broad interests in research, engineering, industry, policy, and education, and the diversity and international nature of the Society.


The nomination period will open in spring 2023

The eligibility and selection criteria for TOS Fellows is under review, and new information will be posted when it is available.


Any TOS member may nominate another member to be a TOS Fellow. > More

Nomination Procedure

The lead nominator serves as the point of contact. All nomination materials are submitted via the online submission system. > More

Announcing the New TOS Fellows

The Oceanography Society is proud to announce three new TOS Fellows: Emmanuel Boss, Edward R. Urban Jr., and Dawn Wright. > Meet the New Fellows

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