Teaching from Home?

Need some ocean sciences resources to keep your kids entertained,
but also have them learn something? Check out these resources.

Earth Institute Live

A K-12 channel of videos bringing scientific research to classrooms.

Actually, It’s Phytoplankton

Explore Ocean Ecology and NASA’s PACE Mission.
A podcast for kids, families, and teachers.

Ocean Exploration Trust

Lesson companions to Exploration Vessel Nautilus expeditions and 
a library of graphics, photos, videos, and activities. 

Marine Mammal Commission

Learn about the natural world and marine science, particularly marine mammal science.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Learn about Earth’s ocean & coasts, weather & atmosphere, climate, marine life, and much more. 

Schmidt Ocean Institute

Never stop expanding your understanding of the ocean.
Learn about the ocean and marine careers.

Aquarium Online Academy

Virtual field trip of sea life and marine-related education and fun.

Discovery of Sound in the Sea

A variety of resources for students, educators, and others who are interested in the science of sound in the sea. 

MBARI: Science at Home

A small collection of activities and lesson plans from MBARI and
various other organizations that can be used at home.

Te mana o te moana

Links to educational resources focused on sea turtles.


Discover what lies beneath the surface! Marine plankton plays a
fundamental role in the ecology and climate of our planet.

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