Honors Committees


Purpose. The Nomination Committee is responsible for encouraging honors nominations from the ocean science community and/or from the Nomination Committee itself.

Scope. The Nomination Committee encourages nominations, and after nominations are submitted to the online submission system, committee members check each nomination for completeness and viability. The Committee can contact nominators to request additional information or revision prior to the nomination deadline.

Authority. The Nomination Committee reviews nominations for completeness and forwards them to the Selection Committee.

Reporting. The Nomination Committee provides a report to the Selection Committee after the nomination deadline each year. The report consists of a list of all nominations for each honor, including information on gender and other diversity statistics. The nomination packages are provided electronically to the Selection Committee.

Committee Members
• Andone Lavery (Chair)
• Michael McPhaden
• Terri Paluszkiewicz
• Amatzia Genin
• Samantha Joye
• Paula Bontempi
• Roger Samelson
• Magdalena Andres
• Carolyn Scherule
• Chuck Greene
• Amelia Shevenell
• Galen McKinley
• Larry Mayer


Purpose. The Honors Selection Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations provided by the Nomination Committee and for selecting recipients for the honors.

Scope. The Selection Committee will review nominations provided by the Honors Nomination Committee. In accordance with established guidelines, the Selection Committee will select the recipients for each honor. After the final decision, the Selection Committee Chair will inform nominators of non-successful nominations. If requested, specific comments and, if appropriate, a statement with regards to future re-submission of nominations can be provided.

Authority. The Selection Committee selects the recipients of each honor and provides a report listing all recipients to the TOS president for further action.

Reporting. The Selection Committee will prepare a memo to the TOS President listing the individual(s) selected to receive each honor. The Selection Committee will communicate with the nominators of non-selected recipients and will provide comments and notes regarding resubmission of the nomination, as appropriate.

Committee Members
• Martin Visbeck (Chair)
• Peter Wadhams
• Clare Reimers
• Gregory Cutter
• Mary Jo Richardson
• Amelie Meyer
• Xu Chen

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