Hands-On Oceanography

A recurring column in Oceanography magazine, Hands-On Oceanography provides peer-reviewed activities appropriate for undergraduate and/or graduate classes in oceanography. Hands-on is broadly interpreted as those activities that actively engage students (i.e., activities where students have to make decisions, record results, and interpret results). Hands-on activities include, but are not limited to, computer-based models and laboratory demonstrations. Below is a list with links to all of the published activities.


Have an activity you would like to share? We encourage submissions of Hands-On Oceanography articles to Oceanography. Learn more on the Oceanography Author Guidelines page.

This supplement to Oceanography offers a collection of hands-on/minds-on activities for teaching physical concepts that are fundamental in oceanography. Versions in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, and Japanese are available for download.

A Low-Cost, DIY Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor for Education, Citizen Science, and Research
by P. Bresnahan, E. Briggs, B. Davis, A.R. Rodriguez, L. Edwards, C. Peach, N. Renner, H. Helling, and M. Merrifield

Do pH-Variable Habitats Provide Refuge for Stone Crabs from Coastal Acidification?
by P.M. Gravinese, S.M. Stewart, A.L. Smith, and J. Paradis

Sound and the Seafloor: Determining Bathymetry Using Student-Built Acoustic Sensors
by R. Levine, S. Seroy, and D. Grünbaum

Digging into the Geologic Record of Environmentally Driven Changes in Coral Reef Development
by P.M. Gravinese, R.B. Aronson, and L.T. Toth

Forces in an Estuary: Tides, Freshwater, and Friction
by D. Fugate and F. Jose

How Do Upwelling and El Niño Impact Coral Reef Growth? A Guided, Inquiry-Based Lesson
by P.M. Gravinese, L.T. Toth, C.J. Randall, and R.B. Aronson

Assessing Cross-Shore and Alongshore Variation in Beach Morphology
by S.L. Gallop, M.D. Harley, R.W. Brander, J.A. Simmons, K.D. Splinter, and I.L. Turner

Observing the Ocean with Gliders: Techniques for Data Visualization and Analysis
by C.E. Hanson, L.M. Woo, P.G. Thomson, and C.B. Pattiaratchi

Paleoclimate Reconstruction from Oxygen Isotopes in a Coral Skeleton from East Africa: A Data-Enhanced Learning Experience
by D.P. Gillikin, A. Verheyden, and D.H. Goodwin

In addition to the recurring column, the supplemental issue of Oceanography, Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography, offers a collection of hands-on/minds-on activities for teaching physical concepts that are fundamental in oceanography.

Background photo credit: Amanda Cotton/Ocean Image Bank

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