TOS Jobs Center

Search for ocean sciences related jobs at the TOS Jobs Center.

Hands-On Oceanography

Articles provide peer-reviewed activities appropriate for use in undergraduate and/or graduate oceanography classes. 

DIY Oceanography

Articles share all of the relevant information on a homemade sensor, instrument, or software tool(s) so that others can build, or build upon, it.

Career Profiles

Nearly 100 career profiles highlight marine scientists who have pursued successful and fulfilling careers outside of academia. 

Graduate Student/Early Career Resources

Find job and fellowship links, shiptime opportunities, and links to helpful articles and websites.

Undergrad Student Resources

Find links to opportunities for Juniors and Seniors, advisor opportunities, and recommended reading.

Education Resources

Find links to TOS educational resources, including Oceanography columns and TOS publications that provide guidance on EPO and preparing presentations.


Find links to TOS publications and electronic versions of printed resources, including Oceanography magazine.

Teaching from Home?

Need some ocean sciences resources to keep your kids entertained,
but also have them learn something? Check out these links to resources.

Background photo credit: Lewis Burnett/Ocean Image Bank

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