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The ocean education articles featured in Oceanography magazine describe undergraduate and graduate programs, often funded by government agencies, designed to aid in a specific educational outcome. Articles include descriptions of the programs, location of activities, education level targeted, number of participants, lessons learned, and a summary and discussion of data gathered on the effectiveness of the programs.

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Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative Trains Students to See Through Turbulent Systems
by K. Cammen, G. Marafino, S. Burton, J. Dow, E. Dullaert, M. Jorge, K. Macolini, L. McGarry, C. Tremblay, J. Jansujwicz, T. Johnson, L. Ross, and G. Zydlewski

Using Authentic Data from NSF’s Ocean Observatories Initiative in Undergraduate Teaching: An Invitation
by C. Greengrove, C.S. Lichtenwalner, H.I. Palevsky, A. Pfeiffer-Herbert, S. Severmann, D. Soule, S. Murphy, L.M. Smith, and K. Yarincik

Two-Stage Exams: A Powerful Tool for Reducing the Achievement Gap in Undergraduate Oceanography and Geology Classes
by  B.C. Bruno, J. Engels, G. Ito, J. Gillis-Davis, H. Dulai, G. Carter, C. Fletcher, and D. Böttjer-Wilson

Summer Bridge Program Establishes Nascent Pipeline to Expand and Diversify Hawai‘i’s Undergraduate Geoscience En­rollment
by B.C. Bruno, J.L.K. Wren, J. Ayau, S. Leon Soon, H. Needham, K. Noa, E.M. Wood-Charlson, and C.A. Choy

Background photo credit: Ramona Osche/Ocean Image Bank

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