New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration

New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The Ocean Exploration Trust 2022 Field Season is the thirteenth consecutive supplement on ocean exploration to accompany Oceanography. It summarizes work conducted as part of the 2022 field season aboard OET’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus. Since the first Nautilus expeditions in 2009, the vessel has enabled countless discoveries over the world ocean and has served as a platform for testing and deploying innovative ocean technologies. OET has also generously shared their expeditions with worldwide audiences through telepresence. In this year’s supplement, read about Nautilus’s explorations of some of the most remote and poorly surveyed areas in the Central Pacific, as well as how emerging ocean exploration technologies were successfully integrated and deployed to provide new and more efficient ways to observe the ocean. We hope you enjoy this booklet and share it widely.

Links to the complete collection of supplements are provided below.

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