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Know before you go! Whether going to sea or into the field, we need a cultural shift where planning for everyone’s mental and emotional safety is taken as seriously as their physical safety…

Watch the webinar focused on sharing insights and advice with current students or recent graduates on how they can transition from their education to a role in academia and/or industry.

We’re excited to share that 224 session proposals and 71 town hall proposals were received by the submission deadline! The Planning Committee will now review the proposals and making adjustments as necessary. The abstract submission system will open next month and the deadline is September 13.

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Oceanography is an open access journal featuring peer-reviewed articles that chronicle all aspects of ocean science and its applications.


In a large and exciting upgrade to our offerings, you can now page through past issues and supplements through our new Oceanography kiosk. The pages render crisply and issues are easily navigable. Please take a look and let us know what you think! This new system replaces the service provided by Advanced Publishing, our former electronic publishing partner

FOR AUTHORS: We can now add videos, animations, photo galleries, and audio files to the flip books. If you are planning to submit a manuscript to Oceanography, please think about how you might want to enhance your online article by adding supplementary files.

Featured Articles

Categorizing and Naming Marine Heatwaves

By A.J. Hobday et al.

This article proposes a detailed categorization scheme and simple naming convention for marine heatwaves, enhancing scientific and public awareness of these events…

Using Soundscapes to Assess Changes in Coral Reef Social-Ecological Systems

By T.H. Lin et al.

Listening to underwater soundscapes opens a new avenue for studying the ecological and human dimensions of coral reef ecosystems…

A Low-Cost, DIY Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor for Education, Citizen Science, and Research

By P. Bresnahan et al.

This article describes potential applications, design and construction, and deployment recommendations for a DIY water level sensor…

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