Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 23 | Number 1 | March 2010

Special Issue: Mountains in the Sea

On the Cover: The front and back covers depict seven seamounts formed by the Louisville hotspot in the South Pacific that were surveyed during the AMAT02 Expedition in 2006 (Peter Lonsdale, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, chief scientist) using R/V Roger Revelle. As part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), this site survey provided key data to prepare for IODP Expedition 330 (December 2010) that aims to drill four seamounts in the Louisville seamount trail. Using paleoomagnetic and geochronological data from the drilled basalts, this project attempts to answer the question of whether the deep Hawaiian and Louisville mantle plumes, the two longest-lived primary hotspot systems in the Pacific, have moved in concert or independently.
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Volume 23 Issue 01

By Marcia McNutt

From the Guest Editors
By Hubert Staudigel , Anthony A.P. Koppers , J. William Lavelle, Tony J. Pitcher , and Timothy M. Shank

BOX • Defining the Word "Seamount"
By Hubert Staudigel , Anthony A.P. Koppers , J. William Lavelle , Tony J. Pitcher, and Timothy M. Shank

BOX • Featured Seamount Locations
Box 2: Featured seamount locations. 2010. Oceanography 23(1):22–23.

The Global Seamount Census
By Paul Wessel , David T. Sandwell , and Seung-Sep Kim

BOX • Seamount Catalog: Seamount Morphology, Maps, and Data Files
By Anthony A.P. Koppers, Hubert Staudigel, and Rupert Minnett

SPOTLIGHT • Axial Seamount
By William W. Chadwick , David A. Butterfield , Robert W. Embley, Verena Tunnicliffe, Julie A. Huber , Scott L. Nooner, and David A. Clague

SPOTLIGHT • Jasper Seamount
By Jasper G. Konter , Hubert Staudigel , and Jeffrey Gee

Intraplate Seamounts as a Window into Deep Earth Processes
By Anthony A.P. Koppers and Anthony B. Watts

SPOTLIGHT • Lō`ihi Seamount
By Hubert Staudigel, Craig L. Moyer , Michael O. Garcia , Alex Malahoff , David A. Clague, and Anthony A.P. Koppers

BOX • The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: New Ways For Exploring the Ocean
By Stephen R. Hammond, John McDonough, and Craig Russell

BOX • Seamount Ecosystem Evaluation Framework (SEEF): A Tool for Global Seamount Research and Data Synthesis
By Tony J. Pitcher , Telmo Morato, Karen I. Stocks , and Malcolm R. Clark

SPOTLIGHT • Davidson Seamount
By David A. Clague , Lonny Lundsten, James Hein, Jennifer Paduan, and Alice Davis

Seamount Fisheries: Do They Have a Future?
By Tony J. Pitcher , Malcolm R. Clark, Telmo Morato, and Reg Watson

SPOTLIGHT • Graveyard Seamounts
By Malcolm R. Clark , Ashley A. Rowden, Ian Wright , and Mireille Consalvey

SPOTLIGHT • Vailulu'u Seamount
By Anthony A.P. Koppers, Hubert Staudigel , Stanley R. Hart, Craig Young , and Jasper G. Konter

Seamount Subduction and Earthquakes
By Anthony B. Watts, Anthony A.P. Koppers , and David P. Robinson

SPOTLIGHT • South Chamorro Seamount
By C. Geoffrey Wheat , Patricia Fryer , Ken Takai, and Samuel Hulme

Seamounts in the Subduction Factory
By Hubert Staudigel, Anthony A.P. Koppers , Terry A. Plank , and Barry B. Hanan

SPOTLIGHT • Northwest Rota-1 Seamount
By William W. Chadwick, Robert W. Embley, Edward T. Baker, Joseph A. Resing, John E. Lupton, Katharine V. Cashman, Robert P. Dziak , Verena Tunnicliffe, David A. Butterfield, and Yoshihiko Tamura

Seamount Mineral Deposits: A Source of Rare Metals for High-Technology Industries
By James R. Hein , Tracey A. Conrad, and Hubert Staudigel

Can We Protect Seamounts for Research? A Call For Conservation
By Telmo Morato , Tony J. Pitcher, Malcolm R. Clark, Gui Menezes, Fernando Tempera , Filipe Porteiro , Eva Giacomello, and Ricardo S. Santos

SPOTLIGHT • Dom João de Castro Seamount
By Ricardo S. Santos , Fernando Tempera , Ana Colaço, Frederico Cardigos , and Telmo Morato

SPOTLIGHT • Sedlo Seamount
By Ricardo S. Santos , Fernando Tempera , Gui Menezes , Filipe Porteiro, and Telmo Morato

BOX • Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing: Visualizing Life Around Seamounts
By Nicholas C. Makris , Srinivasan Jagannathan, and Anamaria Ignisca

BOX • How Large Is the Seamount Biome?
By Peter J. Etnoyer , John Wood, and Thomas C. Shirley

BOX • Databases and Internet Resources on Seamounts
Box 13: Databases and internet resources on seamounts. 2010. Oceanography 23(1):210–211.

Seamount Sciences: Quo Vadis?
By Hubert Staudigel, Anthony A.P. Koppers, J. William Lavelle, Tony J. Pitcher , and Timothy M. Shank


A Very Inconvenient Truth
By Charles H. Greene, D. James Baker , and Daniel H. Miller

Special Issue Guest Editors

Hubert Staudigel, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Anthony A.P. Koppers, Oregon State University
J. William Lavelle, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Tony J. Pitcher, University of British Columbia
Timothy M. Shank, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Production of this issue was funded by US National Science Foundation grant OCE-0939834 to The Oceanography Society, and Research Coordination Network grant BIO-0443337 to H. Staudigel (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), and the New Zealand National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd.