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Volume 23 Issue 01

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Volume 23, No. 1
Pages 146 - 147

SPOTLIGHT • Graveyard Seamounts

Malcolm R. Clark Ashley A. RowdenIan Wright Mireille Consalvey
First Paragraph

The “Graveyard seamounts” comprise a complex of 28 small volcanic edifices covering about 140 km2 (Figure 1) on the northern flank of the Chatham Rise, an oceanic plateau that extends several hundred kilometers east of New Zealand. The features are associated with widely distributed Late Cenozoic volcanism (Gamble et al. 1986; Hoernle et al., 2006) that created a number of clusters of small intraplate volcanoes in the area. They have various volcanic forms, including cones, summit craters, and lateral dike ridges. Typically, each seamount is between 100 and 400 m high, rising from basal water depths of 1050–1200 m to summit depths of 750–1000 m. Bottom-current flows of 10–20 cm s-1 (Nodder and Northcote, 2001) produce basal scour moats at all the seamounts.


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