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Volume 25 | Number 1 | March 2012

Special Issue: Oceanic Spreading Center Processes: Ridge 2000 Program Research

On the Cover: FRONT COVER: A hallmark of the Ridge 2000 Program is the integrated, interdisciplinary studies focused on links among geological, chemical, and biological processes at oceanic spreading centers. The cover illustrates these relationships at one of the Ridge 2000 Integrated Study Sites—Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. BACK COVER: Collage of high-resolution perspectives of axial terrain and vent ecosystems at Ridge 2000 Integrated Study Sites.
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Volume 25 Issue 01

Introduction to the Special Issue: From RIDGE to Ridge 2000
By Daniel J. Fornari , Stace E. Beaulieu, James F. Holden , Lauren S. Mullineaux , and Maya Tolstoy

The East Pacific Rise Between 9°N and 10°N: Twenty-Five Years of Integrated, Multidisciplinary Oceanic Spreading Center Studies
By Daniel J. Fornari , Karen L. Von Damm (deceased) , Julia G. Bryce, James P. Cowen, Vicki Ferrini , Allison Fundis, Marvin D. Lilley, George W. Luther III , Lauren S. Mullineaux, Michael R. Perfit, M. Florencia Meana-Prado, Kenneth H. Rubin, William E. Seyfried Jr., Timothy M. Shank, S. Adam Soule , Maya Tolstoy , and Scott M. White

Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge: One of the Most Remarkable Places on Earth
By Deborah S. Kelley , Suzanne M. Carbotte, David W. Caress, David A. Clague, John R. Delaney, James B. Gill , Hunter Hadaway, James F. Holden, Emilie E.E. Hooft , Jonathan P. Kellogg, Marvin D. Lilley, Mark Stoermer, Doug Toomey, Robert Weekly , and William S.D. Wilcock

Links from Mantle to Microbe at the Lau Integrated Study Site: Insights from a Back-Arc Spreading Center
By Margaret K. Tivey, Erin Becker , Roxanne Beinart, Charles R. Fisher, Peter R. Girguis , Charles H. Langmuir, Peter J. Michael , and Anna-Louise Reysenbach

Geodynamic Models of Melt Generation and Extraction at Mid-Ocean Ridges
By Patricia M. Gregg , Laura B. Hebert , Laurent G.J. Montési , and Richard F. Katz

Lava Geochemistry as a Probe into Crustal Formation at the East Pacific Rise
By Michael R. Perfit , V. Dorsey Wanless , W. Ian Ridley , Emily M. Klein, Matthew C. Smith, Adam R. Goss, Jillian S. Hinds, Scott W. Kutza, and Daniel J. Fornari

Active Long-Lived Faults Emerging Along Slow-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges
By Deborah K. Smith, Javier Escartín, Hans Schouten , and Johnson R. Cann

Recent Seismic Studies at the East Pacific Rise 8°20'–10°10'N and Endeavour Segment: Insights into Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal and Magmatic Processes
By Suzanne M. Carbotte , Juan Pablo Canales, Mladen R. Nedimović , Hélène Carton, and John C. Mutter

Recent Advances in Multichannel Seismic Imaging for Academic Research in Deep Oceanic Environments
By Juan Pablo Canales , Hélène Carton, John C. Mutter, Alistair Harding , Suzanne M. Carbotte, and Mladen R. Nedimović

Hydroacoustic Monitoring of Oceanic Spreading Centers: Past, Present, and Future
By Robert P. Dziak, DelWayne R. Bohnenstiehl , and Deborah K. Smith

Hydrothermal Discharge During Submarine Eruptions: The Importance of Detection, Response, and New Technology
By Edward T. Baker , William W. Chadwick Jr., James P. Cowen, Robert P. Dziak , Kenneth H. Rubin , and Daniel J. Fornari

Volcanic Eruptions in the Deep Sea
By Kenneth H. Rubin, S. Adam Soule, William W. Chadwick Jr. , Daniel J. Fornari , David A. Clague , Robert W. Embley , Edward T. Baker , Michael R. Perfit, David W. Caress , and Robert P. Dziak

A Vent-Field-Scale Model of the East Pacific Rise 9°50'N Magma-Hydrothermal System
By Robert P. Lowell , Aida Farough , Leonid N. Germanovich, Laura B. Hebert , and Rebecca Horne

Measurements and Models of Heat Flux and Plumes from Hydrothermal Discharges Near the Deep Seafloor
By Daniela Di Iorio , J. William Lavelle, Peter A. Rona, Karen Bemis, Guangyu Xu, Leonid N. Germanovich, Robert P. Lowell , and Gence Genc

Diffuse Flow On and Around Hydrothermal Vents at Mid-Ocean Ridges
By Karen Bemis, Robert P. Lowell , and Aida Farough

Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Plumes in the Near-Bottom Boundary Layer at Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge
By Susan Hautala, H. Paul Johnson , Matthew Pruis , Irene García-Berdeal, and Tor Bjorklund

Biogeochemical Processes at Hydrothermal Vents: Microbes and Minerals, Bioenergetics, and Carbon Fluxes
By James F. Holden , John A. Breier , Karyn L. Rogers, Mitchell D. Schulte, and Brandy M. Toner

Measuring the Form of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles
By Brandy M. Toner , Matthew A. Marcus , Katrina J. Edwards, Olivier Rouxel , and Christopher R. German

Chemoautotrophy at Deep-Sea Vents: Past, Present, and Future
By Stefan M. Sievert and Costantino Vetriani

Chemistry, Temperature, and Faunal Distributions at Diffuse-Flow Hydrothermal Vents: Comparison of Two Geologically Distinct Ridge Systems
By George W. Luther III , Amy Gartman, Mustafa Yücel , Andrew S. Madison, Tommy S. Moore , Heather A. Nees , Donald B. Nuzzio, Arunima Sen, Richard A. Lutz , Timothy M. Shank, and Charles R. Fisher

Larval Dispersal: Vent Life in the Water Column
By Diane K. Adams, Shawn M. Arellano, and Breea Govenar

The Prediction, Verification, and Significance of Flank Jets at Mid-Ocean Ridges
By J. William Lavelle, Andreas M. Thurnherr, Lauren S. Mullineaux , Dennis J. McGillicuddy Jr., and James R. Ledwell

The Lau Basin Float Experiment (LAUB-FLEX)
By Kevin Speer and Andreas M. Thurnherr

Special Issue Guest Editors

Daniel J. Fornari, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Stace E. Beauliu, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
James F. Holden, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Lauren S. Mullineaux, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Maya Tolstoy, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


Production of this issue of Oceanography was supported by the Ridge 2000 Program Office at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution through a grant from the National Science Foundation, Ocean Sciences Division.