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Volume 37 | Number 1 | March 2024

Sea Grant: Science Serving America’s Coastlines and People

On the Cover: Images of Sea Grant’s work in research, education, and extension provided by (from left to right, from the back to front covers) Maryland, Illinois-Indiana, New Hampshire, Georgia, Wisconsin, Guam, and Florida Sea Grant programs. Design by Hallee Meltzer, National Sea Grant Office
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Volume 37 Issue 1

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Welcome to the Oceanography special issue on Sea Grant: Science Serving America’s Coastlines and People. Scroll down this page to view the full set of articles or jump to the open access flipbook to page through the a the full issue. 


By Jonathan Pennock

By Mike Allen, Mona Behl, Rebecca Briggs, Kristen Fussell, Brita Jessen, Sarah Kolesar, Ian Miller, and Stephanie Otts

Rising Together in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Keri Kaczor, Rosanna ‘Anolani Alegado, Katy Hintzen, Lauren Ching, Michael Lieberman, Sandra Chang, Eileen Nakano, Angela Sy, David Horio, Kaeo Tam, Vivek R. Nerurkar, Ashley Smyth, Angela Collins, Kathleen Fallon, Paul Focazio, and Samantha Kreisler

Challenges and Strategies for Knowledge Co-Production in Ecosystem and Natural Hazards Research
By Sarah E. Kolesar, Peter Ruggiero, Desirée Tullos, Jenna H. Tilt, Bryan Tilt, and Brook M. Thompson

Centering Knowledge Co-Production in Sustainability Science: Why, How, and When
By Erin V. Satterthwaite, Liz McQuain, Amalia A. Almada, Jessica M. Rudnick, Alyson L. Eberhardt, Angee N. Doerr, Ryan J. O’Connor, Nicole Wright, Rebecca A. Briggs, Matthew J. Robbins, Carolina Bastidas, Eric L. Sparks, Kristen A. Goodrich, and Wells J. Costello

SPOTLIGHT • Co-Production of Knowledge at Sumida Farm Trains a New Generation of Community-Engaged Scientists
By Jennifer Engels, Barbara C. Bruno, Emi Suzuki, Kyle Suzuki, Henrietta Dulai, Mackenzie Manning, Donn Viviani, Keku‘iapōiula Keliipuleole, Brandon Dela Cruz, Kathy Ho, Kyle Kila, Tehani Malterre, Ariel Thepsenavong, Leah Bremer, Christopher Wada, Sheree Watson, Ahmed S. Elshall, Aida D. Arik, and Kimberly Burnett

Storytelling in the Field with Sea Grant’s Science Communicators
By Samantha Larson, Bonnie Willison, and Marie Zhuikov

Applied Education Programming: Four Exemplars in Environmental Literacy and Teacher Professional Development
By Barbara C. Bruno, Celia Cackowski, John Adam Frederick, Robert Vincent, Andrew Bennett, Daniela Böttjer-Wilson, Jennifer Engels, Chris Flight, Amy Lang, Lisa Ayers Lawrence, Bethany Smith, and Jacqueline Takacs

Florida Sea Grant Symposia Promote Collaboration Among Harmful Algal Bloom Stakeholders
By Lisa S. Krimsky, Elizabeth A. Staugler, H. Dail Laughinghouse IV, and Joy E. Hazell

Sea Grant Network Contributions to the National Ocean and Coastal Acidification Response
By Carolina Bastidas, Meg Chadsey, Jennie E. Rheuban, Rebecca A. Briggs, and Parker Gassett

SPOTLIGHT • A Practitioner-Led Approach to a Climate Change Needs Assessment of Native Hawaiian Aquaculture
By Katy Hintzen, Brenda Asuncion, Miwa Tamanaha, Hui Mālama Loko I‘a, and Rosanna Alegado

SPOTLIGHT • Diving for Data: Florida Sea Grant’s Great Goliath Grouper Count
By Angela B. Collins, Bryan Fluech, Zachary A. Siders, Michael Sipos, and Ana Zangroniz

SPOTLIGHT • Bridging Texas Shrimpers and Texas Shrimping Policy
By Coral Lozada, Christine Hale, and Laura Picariello

Sea Grant Programs Build Resilience to Coastal Climate Hazards
By Ian Miller, Mary Collins, Michelle Covi, Parker Gassett, Holly Abeels, Karina Alvarez, Juliana Barrett, Savanna Barry, Mona Behl, Renee Collini, Laura Engeman, Phyllis Grifman, Laura Kerr, Kate McClure, Christopher Petrone, Laurie Richmond, Pamela Rubinoff, and Danielle Swallow

Sharing and Adapting the Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards
By Dennis Hwang, Kanesa Duncan Seraphin, Darren Okimoto, and Cindy Knapman

SPOTLIGHT • A Visionary Approach to Advancing Sea Level Rise Adaptation in an Urban Coastal Community, Waikīkī, Hawai‘i
By Wendy Meguro, Charles H. Fletcher, Josephine Briones, Eric Teeples, and Georgina Casey

Putting the Community in Community Science: Lessons Learned from Sea Grant King Tides Projects
By Maya Walton, Karina Alvarez, Katy Hintzen, Katie Graziano, Diana Lopera, and Liz McQuain

Reducing Barriers to Living Shorelines Through Sea Grant Extension Programs
By Sara Martin, Savanna C. Barry, Armando J. Ubeda, Vincent Encomio, Mark W. Clark, Rick O’Connor, Mandy S. Baily, and Eric Sparks

SPOTLIGHT • Working Behind the Scenes: Spotlight on Sea Grant Staff
By Louis D. Heyward, Kayj Morrill-McClure, and Monica Wilson

Closing Image
By W. Benjamin Bray

Special Issue Guest Editors

• Mike Allen
• Mona Behl
• Rebecca Briggs
• Kristen Fussell
• Brita Jessen
• Sarah Kolesar
• Ian Miller
• Stephanie Otts


Support for this issue was provided by the NOAA National Sea Grant Office and Sea Grant programs from across the nation.

DISCLAIMER. The scientific results and conclusions, as well as any views or opinions expressed herein, are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NOAA or the Department of Commerce or state Sea Grant Programs or the Universities where they are located.