Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 35 | Number 1 | June 2022

Special Issue on Oceans Across the Solar System

On the Cover:

Artistic rendering of ocean worlds. Illustration by Jenny Mottar, NASA

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Volume 35 Issue 1

Planetary Oceanography: Leveraging Expertise Among Earth and Planetary Science
By Christopher R. German, Kevin R. Arrigo, Alison E. Murray, and Alyssa R. Rhoden

Ocean System Science to Inform the Exploration of Ocean Worlds
By Christopher R. German, Donna K. Blackman, Andrew T. Fisher, Peter R. Girguis, Kevin P. Hand, Tori M. Hoehler, Julie A. Huber, John C. Marshall, Kathryn R. Pietro, Jeffrey S. Seewald, Everett L. Shock, Christophe Sotin, Andreas M. Thurnherr, and Brandy M. Toner

Leveraging Earth Hydrosphere Science in the Search for Life on Ocean Worlds
By Tori M. Hoehler, Jeff S. Bowman, Kathleen L. Craft, Peter A. Willis, and Dale P. Winebrenner

Defining and Characterizing Habitable Environments in Ocean World Systems
By Jennifer B. Glass, Heidi M. Dierssen, Christopher R. Glein, Britney E. Schmidt, and Dale P. Winebrenner

Oceans Across the Solar System and the Search for Extraoceanic Life: Technologies for Remote Sensing and In Situ Exploration
By Ved Chirayath, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Kate Craft, Heidi Dierssen, Darlene Lim, Michael Malaska, Oscar Pizarro, Sam Purkis, Dustin Schroeder, Pablo Sobron, Sarah Waller, and Dale Winebrenner


Gender Differences in NSF Ocean Sciences Awards
By Ivan D. Lima and Jennie E. Rheuban


A Generational Shift in Ocean Stewardship
By Alfredo Giron-Nava and Harriet Harden-Davies

Special Issue Guest Editors

Laura Lorenzoni, NASA
Ashley Kleinman, NASA


The NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry program provided support for publication of this special issue.