Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 30 | Number 1 | March 2017

Special Issue on International Cooperation in Harmful Algal Bloom Science

On the Cover: Aerial photograph of a Gonyaulax polygramma bloom in False Bay, South Africa, on February 23, 2007. These blooms often lead to hypoxia, triggering marine mortality events. Photo credit: Anthony Allen
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Volume 30 Issue 01

GEOHAB–The Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms Program: Motivation, Goals, and Legacy
By Raphael M. Kudela, Elisa Berdalet, Henrik Enevoldsen, Grant Pitcher , Robin Raine, and Ed Urban

Harmful Algal Blooms in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems: A GEOHAB Core Research Project
By Grant C. Pitcher, A. Bernales Jiménez, Raphael M. Kudela , and Beatriz Reguera

Harmful Algal Blooms in Benthic Systems: Recent Progress and Future Research
By Elisa Berdalet, Patricia A. Tester, Mireille Chinain, Santiago Fraga, Rodolphe Lemée, Wayne Litaker, Antonella Penna, Gires Usup, Magda Vila, and Adriana Zingone

Harmful Algal Blooms in Fjords, Coastal Embayments, and Stratified Systems: Recent Progress and Future Research
By Elisa Berdalet, Marina Montresor, Beatriz Reguera, Suzanne Roy, Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Allan Cembella, and Robin Raine

GlobalHAB: A New Program to Promote International Research, Observations, and Modeling of Harmful Algal Blooms in Aquatic Systems
By Elisa Berdalet , Raphael Kudela, Ed Urban, Henrik Enevoldsen, Neil S. Banas, Eileen Bresnan, Michele Burford, Keith Davidson, Christopher J. Gobler, Bengt Karlson, Po Teen Lim, Lincoln Mackenzie, Marina Montresor, Vera L. Trainer, Gires Usup , and Kedong Yin


Winter 2015/16: A Turning Point in ENSO-Based Seasonal Forecasts
By Judah Cohen, Karl Pfeiffer, and Jennifer Francis

A Three-Dimensional Mapping of the Ocean Based on Environmental Data
By Roger G. Sayre, Dawn J. Wright, Sean P. Breyer, Kevin A. Butler, Keith Van Graafeiland, Mark J. Costello, Peter T. Harris , Kathleen L. Goodin, John M. Guinotte, Zeenatul Basher , Maria T. Kavanaugh, Patrick N. Halpin, Mark E. Monaco, Noel Cressie , Peter Aniello, Charles E. Frye, and Drew Stephens

Special Issue Guest Editors

Raphael Kudela, Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz
Henrik Enevoldsen, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
Ed Urban, Scientific Committee on Ocean Research


Production of this issue of Oceanography was supported by grants OCE-0003700, OCE-0326301, OCE-0608600, OCE-0938349, and OCE-1243377 from the US National Science Foundation to the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research for GEOHAB activities; the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO; and the University of Copenhagen. Additional funds were provided by the Ida Benson Lynn Endowment, University of California Santa Cruz.