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Volume 27 | Number 2 | June 2014

Special Issue: Undersea Natural Hazards

On the Cover: Image snippets from articles in the special issue section depicting the four types of undersea natural hazards covered: earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. Further information about these images, including credits, can be found on the following pages: pp. 25 and 29 in Embley et al.; pp. 32 and 35 in Talling et al.; p. 49 in Watt et al.; p. 73 in Yalciner et al.; p. 83 in Necmioğlu and Özel.; p. 86 in Geist and Lynett.; p. 99 in Hori et al.; p. 112 in Wallace et al.; and p. 142 in Toomey et al.
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Volume 27 Issue 02

Eruption of South Sarigan Seamount, Northern Mariana Islands: Insights into Hazards from Submarine Volcanic Eruptions
By Robert W. Embley, Yoshihiko Tamura , Susan G. Merle , Tomoki Sato , Osamu Ishizuka , William W. Chadwick Jr. , Douglas A. Wiens , Patrick Shore, and Robert J. Stern

Large Submarine Landslides on Continental Slopes: Geohazards, Methane Release, and Climate Change
By Peter J. Talling, Michael Clare, Morelia Urlaub , Ed Pope, James E. Hunt, and Sebastian F.L. Watt

New Insights into the Emplacement Dynamics of Volcanic Island Landslides
By Sebastian F.L. Watt , Peter J. Talling , and James E. Hunt

Insights into Submarine Geohazards from Breaks in Subsea Telecommunication Cables
By Lionel Carter, Rachel Gavey, Peter J. Talling , and James T. Liu

A Possible Submarine Landslide and Associated Tsunami at the Northwest Nile Delta, Mediterranean Sea
By Ahmet C. Yalciner, Andrey Zaytsev , Betul Aytore , Isil Insel, Mohammad Heidarzadeh , Rozita Kian , and Fumihiko Imamura

A Forecasting Procedure for Plate Boundary Earthquakes Based on Sequential Data Assimilation
By Takane Hori , Mamoru Hyodo, Ryoko Nakata, Shin’ichi Miyazaki , and Yoshiyuki Kaneda

The Cascadia Initiative: A Sea Change In Seismological Studies of Subduction Zones
By Douglas R. Toomey , Richard M. Allen, Andrew H. Barclay , Samuel W. Bell , Peter D. Bromirski , Richard L. Carlson , Xiaowei Chen, John A. Collins , Robert P. Dziak , Brent Evers, Donald W. Forsyth, Peter Gerstoft, Emilie E.E. Hooft , Dean Livelybrooks, Jessica A. Lodewyk , Douglas S. Luther , Jeffrey J. McGuire, Susan Y. Schwartz , Maya Tolstoy , Anne M. Tréhu, Michelle Weirathmueller , and William S.D. Wilcock

SIDEBAR • Ocean Networks Canada: From Geohazards Research Laboratories to Smart Ocean Systems
By Martin Heesemann , Tania L. Insua, Martin Scherwath, S. Kim Juniper , and Kate Moran

Geohazards in the Western Ionian Sea: Insights from Non-Earthquake Signals Recorded by the NEMO-SN1 Seafloor Observatory
By Tiziana Sgroi , Stephen Monna, Davide Embriaco , Gabriele Giovanetti , Giuditta Marinaro, and Paolo Favali

SIDEBAR • EMSO: A Distributed Infrastructure for Addressing Geohazards and Global Ocean Change
By Mairi Best, Paolo Favali , Laura Beranzoli , and Coordinators for EMSO Partners


Multiplatform, Multidisciplinary Investigations of the Impacts of Modified Circumpolar Deep Water in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
By Walker O. Smith Jr. , Kimberly T. Goetz , Daniel E. Kaufman, Bastien Y. Queste , Vernon Asper , Daniel P. Costa, Michael S. Dinniman, Marjorie A.M. Friedrichs , Eileen E. Hofmann, Karen J. Heywood, John M. Klinck, Josh T. Kohut, and Craig M. Lee

Real-Time Observations of the February 2010 Chile and March 2011 Japan Tsunamis Recorded in Honolulu by the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System
By Julia W. Fiedler , Margaret A. McManus, Michael S. Tomlinson, Eric H. De Carlo, Geno R. Pawlak , Grieg F. Steward, Olivia D. Nigro, Ross E. Timmerman , Patrick S. Drupp, and Chris E. Ostrander

Career Choices in Marine and Environmental Sciences: Navigating a Sea of Options
By Daniela Böttjer , Sean P. Jungbluth , Rene Boiteau , Brian Burkhardt , Fabio de Leo , and Barbara C. Bruno


By Matthias Tomczak

COMMENTARY • A Framework for a Marine Biodiversity Observing Network Within Changing Continental Shelf Seascapes
By Frank E. Muller-Karger , Maria T. Kavanaugh, Enrique Montes , William M. Balch, Mya Breitbart, Francisco P. Chavez, Scott C. Doney , Elizabeth M. Johns, Ricardo M. Letelier, Michael W. Lomas, Heidi M. Sosik , and Angelicque E. White

CAREER PROFILES • Options and Insights
Career profiles—Options and insights. 2014. Oceanography 27(2):230–235.

TOS NEWS • TOS Activities at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting
TOS News: TOS activities at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting. 2014. Oceanography 27(2):239.

Special Issue Guest Editors

Yoshihisa Shirayama, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Jason Chaytor, US Geological Survey
Yoshiyuki Kaneda, Nagoya University
Shuichi Kodaira, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology


Production of this issue of Oceanography was supported by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).