Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 15 | Number 1 | 2002

Special Issue: Navy Operational Models: Ten Years Later

On the Cover: See Fox et al., and Jensen et al., this issue.
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Volume 15 Issue 01

Operational Altimeter Sea Level Products
By G.A. Jacobs , C.N. Barron, D.N. Fox, K.R. Whitmer, S. Klingenberger, D. May , and J.P. Blaha

The Modular Ocean Data Assimilation System
By Daniel N. Fox , Charlie N. Barron , Michael R. Carnes , Martin Booda , Germana Peggion , and John Van Gurley

Navy Real-time Global Modeling Systems
By Robert C. Rhodes, Harley E. Hurlburt, Alan J. Wallcraft , Charlie N. Barron, Paul J. Martin, E. Joseph Metzger, Jay F. Shriver, Dong S. Ko, Ole Martin Smedstad, Scott L. Cross, and A. Birol Kara

Navy Sea Ice Prediction Systems
By Ruth H. Preller, Pamela G. Posey , Wieslaw Maslowski , Donald Stark, and Thomas Thang C. Pham

Global and Regional Wave Modeling Activities
By R.E. Jensen , P.A. Wittmann, and J.D. Dykes

The Integrated Ocean Prediction System (IOPS)
By Richard A. Allard, James Kaihatu, Y. Larry Hsu , and James D. Dykes

The Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS)
By Richard M. Hodur , Xiaodong Hong , James D. Doyle, Julie Pullen, James Cummings , Paul Martin , and Mary Alice Rennick

Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS): Forcing for Ocean Models
By Thomas E. Rosmond, João Teixeira, Melinda Peng , Timothy F. Hogan, and Randal Pauley


Ocean Exploration
By Marcia McNutt

Special Issue Guest Editors

Ruth H. Preller, Naval Research Laboratory


Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command