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Volume 15 Issue 01

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Volume 15, No. 1
Pages 77 - 87

Tidal Prediction Using the Advanced Circulation Model (ADCIRC) and a Relocatable PC-based System

C.A. Blain R.H. PrellerA.P. Rivera
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The tide-generating forces that result from the gravitational attraction between the Earth, Sun, and Moon can be precisely formulated. In contrast, the response of the oceans to these forces is subject to modification by non-astronomical factors such as configuration of the coastline, local depth of the water, ocean floor topography, and other hydrographic and meteorological influences. These influences may play an important role in altering the tidal height range, the interval between high and low water, and times of arrival of the tides at a particular location.


Blain, C.A., R.H. Preller, and A.P. Rivera. 2002. Tidal prediction using the Advanced Circulation Model (ADCIRC) and a relocatable PC-based system. Oceanography 15(1):77–87, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2002.38.