Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 13 | Number 3 | 2000

Special Issue: Ocean Biogeographic Information System

On the Cover: Biological data off the shelf. Museum specimens, like these fish, represent a considerable source of taxonomically verified information. Photo by Paul Clark, Natural History Museum.
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Volume 13 Issue 03

Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms. 2000. Oceanography 13(3):8–9.

Harnessing Museum Resources for the Census of Marine Life: The FISHNET Project
By David Vieglais, E.O. Wiley , C. Richard Robins , and A. Townsend Peterson

CephBase: Testing Ideas for Cephalopod and Other Species-Level Databases
By James W. Wood , Catriona L. Day , Phillip Lee, and Ronald K. O’Dor

Where Are All the Data?
By Gordon Paterson, Geoff Boxshall , Neil Thomson, and Charles Hussey

H-OBIS: A Historical Dimension to the Ocean Biogeographical Information System
By David J. Starkey, Poul Holm , Tim Smith, Robert Francis, and Helen Rozwadowski

MARBID: NOAA/NMSF's (US) Marine Biodiversity Database
By M.F. Mickevich and Bruce B. Collette

Special Issue Guest Editors

J. Frederick Grassle, Rutgers University


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation