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Volume 13 Issue 03

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Volume 13, No. 3
Pages 118 - 119

THE OCEANOGRAPHY CLASSROOM • Let's Begin With Some Questions

Dean A. McManus
First Paragraph

This column will look at education in oceanography. It will ask questions and pose problems for discussion, proffer a few answers, act as a guide to educational literature and resources, and, I hope, entertain as well as inform. Now and then, its contents may even bother us. It will cover all the education sectors of oceanography—informal, K-12, undergraduate, and graduate-but the emphasis will be on the last two. First, though, who am I to be writing about oceanographic education?


McManus, D.A. 2000. In the oceanography classroom: Let’s begin with some questions. Oceanography 13(3):118–119, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2000.23.