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The Oceanography Society
Volume 13 Issue 03

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Volume 13, No. 3
Pages 14 - 20

CephBase: Testing Ideas for Cephalopod and Other Species-Level Databases

James W. Wood Catriona L. Day Phillip LeeRonald K. O’Dor
First Paragraph

This report shares our experience of what worked and what did not while developing CephBase (www.cephbase.dal.ca). We share our triumphs and failures as well as our vision for the future to help and encourage those starting new database projects as well as outline ideas about collaboration between existing and yet to be developed databases. It also explains why we chose cephalopods and urges readers to share their enthusiasm for the groups of marine animals they investigate. Clearly, new Internet technologies offer a chance for substantial improvement in global distribution and sharing of information.


Wood, J.W., C.L. Day, P. Lee, and R.K. O’Dor. 2000. CephBase: Testing ideas for cephalopod and other species-level databases. Oceanography 13(3):14–20, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2000.03.