Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 13 | Number 2 | 2000

Special Issue: NOPP—National Oceanographic Partnership Program

On the Cover: FRONT COVER: Background graphic is an original oceanographic chart from Matthew Fontaine Maury, circa 1850.
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Volume 13 Issue 02

Welcome to the NOPP Special Issue
By Richard Danzig and D. James Baker

An Introduction to the NOPP Issue
By Steven E. Ramberg and W. Stanley Wilson

Gulf of Mexico Monitoring System
By John P. Blaha, George H. Born, Norman L. Guinasso, Jr., H. James Herring, Gregg A. Jacobs, F.J. Kelly, Robert R. Leben, Robert D. Martin, Jr., George L. Mellor, P. Peter Niiler, Michael E. Parke, Richard C. Patchen, Kemzeth Schaudt, Norman W. Scheffner, C.K. Shum, Carter Ohlmann, Wilton Sturges III, Georges L. Weatherly, Douglas Webb, and Henry J. White

Portable Coastal Observatories
By Daniel Frye, Bradford Butman, Mark Johnson , Keith von der Heyd, and Steven Lerner

Ocean Sciences Education for the 21st Century
By Sharon H. Walker , Paula Coble , and Frances Lee Larkin

Ocean State Estimation and Prediction in Support of Oceanographic Research
By Detlef Stammer and the ECCO Consortium and Eric Chassignet and the HYCOM Consortium

Long-Term Observations in Acoustics—The Ocean Acoustic Observatory Federation
By John Orcutt , Catherine deGroot-Hedlin, William Hodgkiss, William Kuperman, Walter Munk, Frank Vernon, Peter Worcester , Eddie Bernard , Robert P. Dziak, Chris Fox, Ching-Sang Chiu, Curt Collins, James Mercer, Robert Odom , Minkyu Park , Darin Soukup, and Robert SpindeI

An Arctic Basin Observational Capability Using AUVs
By James G. Bellingham, Knut Streitlien, James Overland , Subramaniam Rajah, Peter Stein, John Stannard , William Kirkwood , and Dana Yoerger

NEPTUNE: Real-Time Ocean and Earth Sciences at the Scale of a Tectonic Plate
By John R. Delaney, G. Ross Heath, Bruce Howe , Alan D. Chave, and Harold Kirkham

Thank You Statement
Thank you statement. 2000. Oceanography 13(2):80–82, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2000.38.

Special Issue Guest Editors

W. Stanley Wilson, NOPP Interagency Working Group


NOPP agencies: Office of Naval Research, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, US Geological Survey, Minerals Management Service, Department of Energy, US Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of Management and Budget, and Office of Science and Technology Policy.