Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 02 | Number 1 | April 1989

On the Cover: The development and intensity of the North Atlantic spring bloom as shown in a seasonal composite of Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) data acquired during the spring (April-June). Areas rich in phytoplankton are shown as orange-red (greater than 1 mg/m 3) progressing through yellow, green and blue, with purple (less than 0.1 mg/m 3) representing areas with the lowest chlorophyll concentrations. While the amount of data shown here is several hundred times more than oceanographers have been able to gather from ships, large regions of the central Atlantic are still blank, since the CZCS could operate only intermittently. See the article by Ducklow, p. 4. (Imagery courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center: G.C. Feldman, W.E. Esaias, C.R. McClain; and University of Miami/RSMAS: R.H. Evans, J.W. Brown).
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Volume 02 Issue 01

Joint Global Ocean Flux Study: The 1989 North Atlantic Bloom Experiment
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Toxic Algal Bloom in Scandinavian Waters, May–June 1988
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The 1988 Black Sea Oceanographic Expedition: Overview and New Discoveries
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The Slocum Mission
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Particle Deposition in the Present and Holocene Black Sea
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REVIEW AND COMMENT • Swimmers: A Recapitulation of the Problem and a Potential Solution
Karl, D.M., and G.A. Knauer. 1989. Swimmers: A recapitulation of the problem and a potential solution. Oceanography 2(1):32–35, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.28.

REVIEW AND COMMENT • Marine Bioluminescence and Upper Ocean Physics: Seasonal Changes in the Northeast Atlantic
Marra, J. 1989. Marine bioluminescence and upper ocean physics: Seasonal changes in the Northeast Atlantic. Oceanography 2(1):36, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.29.

SOCIETY SOUNDINGS • President's Report
Baker, D.J. 1989. Society soundings: President’s report. Oceanography 2(1):39, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.31.

SOCIETY SOUNDINGS • The Inaugural Meeting of The Oceanography Society
Wilson, S., D. Brooks, R. Fine, and C. Mooers. 1989. The Inaugural Meeting of The Oceanography Society. Oceanography 2(1):40–42, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.32.

SOCIETY SOUNDINGS • Smooth Sailing, Letty!
Brooks, D.A. 1989. Smooth sailing, Letty! Oceanography 2(1):42, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.33.

SOCIETY SOUNDINGS • Bylaws for The Oceanography Society
Bylaws for The Oceanography Society. 1989. Oceanography 2(1):43.

NEWS AND INFORMATION • Bringing the Ocean to the Public at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Packard, J. 1989. Bringing the ocean to the public at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Oceanography 2(1):44–45, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.34.

WHOI Names Sixth Director. 1989. Oceanography 2(1):45.

NEWS AND INFORMATION • NOAA's National Marine Mammal Laboratory
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NEWS AND INFORMATION • Nansen Remote Sensing Center, Bergen, Norway
Johannessen, O.M. 1989. Nansen Remote Sensing Center, Bergen, Norway. Oceanography 2(1):46–47, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.36.

STUDENTIA • We, The Oceanographers
Arquit, A.M. 1989. Studentia: We, the oceanographers. Oceanography 2(1):47, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.37.

NEWS AND INFORMATION • An Oceanographic Time Capsule
Munk, W., and P. Worcester. 1989. An oceanographic time capsule. Oceanography 2(1):48–49, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.38.

Meetings and Workshops. 1989. Oceanography 2(1):49.

BOOK REVIEW • Sailing Alone Around the World
Brooks, D.A. 1989. Review of Sailing Alone Around the World, by J. Slocum. Oceanography 2(1):51, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1989.39.