Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 34 | Number 3 | September 2021

On the Cover: Right whale calf of the 2020–2021 calving season and mother. The right whale population has exhibited an unusually high mortality rate since 2017, cumulatively losing an unprecedented number of adult whales to ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement. Today, it is estimated that there are fewer than 360 right whales remaining globally. See Meyer-Gutbrod et al. (2021, in this issue) for details. Photo credit: Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute & USACE taken under NOAA permit #20556-01
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Volume 34 Issue 03

Ocean Regime Shift is Driving Collapse of the North Atlantic Right Whale Population
By Erin L. Meyer-Gutbrod, Charles H. Greene, Kimberley T.A. Davies, and David G. Johns

A Practical Approach to Monitoring Marine Protected Areas: An Application to El Bajo Espíritu Santo Seamount Near La Paz, Mexico
By Héctor Villalobos, Juan P. Zwolinski, Carlos A. Godínez-Pérez, Violeta E. González-Máynez, Fernando Manini-Ramos, Melissa Mayorga-Martínez, William L. Michaels, Mitzi S. Palacios-Higuera, Uriel Rubio-Rodríguez, Airam N. Sarmiento-Lezcano, and David A. Demer

Changing the Culture of Coastal, Ocean, and Marine Sciences: Strategies for Individual and Collective Actions
By Mona Behl, Sharon Cooper, Corey Garza, Sarah E. Kolesar, Sonya Legg, Jonathan C. Lewis, Lisa White, and Brandon Jones


At the Interface of Marine Disciplines: Use of Autonomous Seafloor Equipment for Studies of Biofouling Below the Shallow-Water Zone
By Alexandra Chava, Anna Gebruk, Glafira Kolbasova, Artem Krylov, Alexei Tanurkov, Andrei Gorbuskin, Olga Konovalova, Dragosh Migali, Yulia Ermilova, Nikolay Shabalin, Vladimir Chava, Igor Semiletov, and Vadim Mokievsky