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Volume 22 | Number 2 | June 2009

Special Issue: The Tenth Anniversary of the National Oceanographic Partnership Program

On the Cover: Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna on August 31, 2008, showing the coal trail in sea surface temperature (SST) on the east side of Gustav. Warm SSTs can strengthen hurricanes. The SSTs shown in this image were produced by the National Oceanographic Partnership Program’s Multi-Sensor Improved Sea Surface Temperature (MISST) project. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.
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Volume 22 Issue 02

How the Oceanographic Community Created a National Oceanographic Partnership Program
By James D. Watkins, Terrence R. Schaff , and Richard W. Spinrad

Ten Years of NOPP Accomplishments
By Eric J. Lindstrom , James J. Kendall Jr., and Benjamin Chicoski

The Bridge Web Site: Growing and Sustaining Partnerships Between Ocean Science and Education
By Vicki Price Clark , Lisa Ayers Lawrence, Christopher Petrone, and Lee Larkin

The Argo Program: Observing the Global Ocean with Profiling Floats
By Dean Roemmich, Gregory C. Johnson, Stephen Riser, Russ Davis , John Gilson, W. Brechner Owens , Silvia L. Garzoli , Claudia Schmid , and Mark Ignaszewski

US GODAE: Global Ocean Prediction with the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM)
By Eric P. Chassignet, Harley E. Hurlburt, E. Joseph Metzger, Ole Martin Smedstad, James A. Cummings, George R. Halliwell , Rainer Bleck , Remy Baraille, Alan J. Wallcraft, Carlos Lozano , Hendrik L. Tolman, Ashwanth Srinivasan, Steve Hankin , Peter Cornillon, Robert Weisberg , Alexander Barth , Ruoying He, Francisco Werner , and John Wilkin

MISST: The Multi-Sensor Improved Sea Surface Temperature Project
By Chelle L. Gentemann , Peter J. Minnett , Joseph Sienkiewicz, Mark DeMaria , James Cummings, Yi Jin , James D. Doyle, Lew Gramer, Charlie N. Barron, Kenneth S. Casey , and Craig J. Donlon

The Global General Circulation of the Ocean Estimated by the ECCO-Consortium
By Carl Wunsch , Patrick Heimbach, Rui M. Ponte , Ichiro Fukumori , and The ECCO-GODAE Consortium Members

OBIS-SEAMAP: The World Data Center for Marine Mammal, Sea Bird, and Sea Turtle Distributions
By Patrick N. Halpin, Andrew J. Read , Ei Fujioka , Ben D. Best , Ben Donnelly, Lucie J. Hazen, Connie Kot, Kim Urian , Erin LaBrecque, Andrew Dimatteo , Jesse Cleary , Caroline Good , Larry B. Crowder, and K. David Hyrenbach

NVODS and the Development of OPeNDAP
By Peter Cornillon, Jennifer Adams , M. Benno Blumenthal , Eric Chassignet , Ethan Davis , Steve Hankin , James Kinter, Roy Mendelssohn , James T. Potemra , Ashwanth Srinivasan, and Joseph Sirott

Remote Detection of Marine Microbes, Small Invertebrates, Harmful Algae, and Biotoxins using the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP)
By Christopher Scholin , Gregory Doucette, Scott Jensen, Brent Roman , Douglas Pargett , Roman Marin III , Christina Preston, William Jones, Jason Feldman, Cheri Everlove , Cheri Everlove , Nilo Alvarado, Eugene Massion, James Birch , Dianne Greenfield, Robert Vrijenhoek, Christina Mikulski , and Kelly Jones

The NOPP O-SCOPE and MOSEAN Projects: Advanced Sensing for Ocean Observing Systems
By Tommy Dickey , Nick Bates, Robert H. Byrne, Grace Chang, Francisco P. Chavez, Richard A. Feely , Alfred K. Hanson, David M. Karl, Derek Manov, Casey Moore , Christopher L. Sabine, and Rik Wanninkhof

Operational Use and Impact of Satellite Remotely Sensed Ocean Surface Vector Winds in the Marine Warning and Forecasting Environment
By Paul S. Chang, Zorana Jelenak, Joseph M. Sienkiewicz , Richard Knabb , Michael J. Brennan, David G. Long, and Mark Freeberg


Kayaking with Bernoulli
By Burkard Baschek and David M. Farmer


Wave Navigation in The Marshall Islands: Comparing Indigenous and Western Scientific Knowledge of the Ocean
By Joseph Genz , Jerome Aucan , Mark Merrifield , Ben Finney , Korent Joel , and Alson Kelen


The Once and Future Ocean
By Paul G. Falkowski

Special Issue Guest Editors

Ben Chicoski, Consortium for Ocean Leadership


We would like to thank the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Office of Naval Research for sponsoring this issue of Oceanography.