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Volume 22 Issue 02

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Volume 22, No. 2
Pages 25 - 27

Ten Years of NOPP Accomplishments

Eric J. Lindstrom James J. Kendall Jr.Benjamin Chicoski
First Paragraph

Agencies participating in the National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) collectively invested over $295 million during the last ten years on significant collaborative activities that might not have been accomplished without the NOPP framework. The partnerships formed added efficiency to research and development, reduced duplication of effort, focused education programs, and strengthened communication of ocean issues.

The articles in this special issue of Oceanography, summarized below, demonstrate the range of work funded by NOPP. The program successfully brought together cutting-edge science, ocean information, and broad partnerships to better serve society generally and the ocean research community specifically.


Lindstrom, E.J., J.J. Kendall Jr., and B. Chicoski. 2009. Ten years of NOPP accomplishments. Oceanography 22(2):25–27, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2009.34.