Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 11 | Number 1 | 1998

Special Issue: Focus on Thin Layers

On the Cover: Zooplankton aggregation on a phytoplankton layer near 7m depth in West Sound in the San Juan Islands, Washington.
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Volume 11 Issue 01

Small-Scale Planktonic Structure: Persistence and Trophic Consequences
By Timothy J. Cowles, Russell A. Desiderio, and Mary-Elena Carr

Acoustical Sensing of Small-Scale Vertical Structures in Zooplankton Assemblages
By D.V. Holliday, R.E. Pieper, C.F. Greenlaw, and J.K. Dawson

Simultaneous Imaging of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Distributions
By Jules S. Jaffe , Peter J.S. Franks, and Andrew W. Leising

Ecology of a Chaetoceros socialis Lauder Patch on Georges Bank: Distribution, Microbial Associations, and Grazing Losses
By Michael E. Sieracki , Dian J. Gifford, Scott M. Gallager , and Cabell S. Davis

Effects of a Thin Layer of Reflectance and Remote-Sensing Reflectance
By A.A. Petrenko, J.R.V. Zaneveld , W.S. Pegau , A.H. Barnard , and C.D. Mobley

A Quantitative Littoral Classification System
By A. Brandt, J. Calman, and J.R. Rottier

Special Issue Guest Editors

Timothy J. Cowles, Oregon State University
Percy L. Donaghay, University of Rhode Island