Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 10 | Number 2 | 1997

Special Issue: High Frequency Radars for Coastal Oceanography

On the Cover: Daily averaged surface current vectors from the CODAR/SeaSonde HF radar network around Monterey Bay for 6 August 1994, together with satellite-derived sea surface temperatures in the range 9°C (blue) to 17°C (red). Symbols denote offshore mooring locations (red) and radar sites (black). Photographs show the phased-array antennas recently deployed in Santa Cruz (see Teague et aL, 1997, this issue), the older-style CODAR antenna deployed at MBARI in Moss Landing, and the SeaSonde antenna deployed on a Coast Guard building at Pt. Pinos near Monterey. These images were produced by G. Hatcher (MBARI) and P. Braccio (NPS).
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Volume 10 Issue 02

Introduction to High-Frequency Radar: Reality and Myth
By Jeffrey D. Paduan and Hans C. Graber

HF Radar Instruments, Past to Present
By Calvin C. Teague , John F. Vesecky , and Daniel M. Fernandez

Synoptic Measurement of Dynamic Oceanic Features
By Brian K. Haus , Hans C. Graber, and Lynn K. Shay

Validation of HF Radar Measurements
By Rick D. Chapman and Hans C. Graber

Wave Height Measurements From HF Radar
By Hans C. Graber and Malcolm L. Heron

Mapping Wind Directions with HF Radar
By Daniel M. Fernandez , Hans C. Graber, Jeffrey D. Paduan, and Donald E. Barrick


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Office of Naval Research