Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 01 | Number 1 | July 1988

On the Cover: No man is an island, says the poet, but we travel alone on a watery globe, a luminous pearl suspended in the blackness. From the perspective of the returning Apollo 16 astronauts, planet Earth is a delicate, beckoning oasis of overwhelming beauty in an inhospitable void. The vast Pacific Ocean nearly fills the visible hemisphere. The southwestern United States appears on the right. Photo courtesy of NASA.
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Volume 01 Issue 01

QUARTERDECK • Welcome Aboard!
By David A. Brooks

REVIEW AND COMMENT • Satellite Ocean Color—Status Report 
By James A. Yoder, Wayne E. Esaias, Gene C. Feldman, and Charles R. McClain

BOOK REVIEW • Georges Bank
By David A. Brooks

Letters. 1988. Oceanography 1(1):32.