Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 23 | Number 3 | September 2010

Special Issue: Celebrating 50 Years of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

On the Cover: Four representative photos of programs supported by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, including fisheries science (upper left), ARGO (upper right, from http://www.argo.ucsd.edu/pictures.html), shipboard observations (lower left, photo courtesy of Paul Lethally, University of Hawaii), and harmful algal blooms (lower left, from Anderson et al., 2005. Oceanography 18(2), Figure 3, p. 155).
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Volume 23 Issue 03

Standards for Ocean Measurements
By Andrew G. Dickson

The IOC International Harmful Algal Bloom Program: History and Science Impacts
By Donald M. Anderson, Beatriz Reguera, Grant C. Pitcher, and Henrik O. Enevoldsen

A TOGA Retrospective
By Michael J. McPhaden, Antonio J. Busalacchi , and David L.T. Anderson

Models: Tools for Synthesis in International Oceanographic Research Programs
By Dennis J. McGillicuddy Jr., Brad deYoung, Scott C. Doney, Patricia M. Glibert, Detlef Stammer , and Francisco E. Werner

IOC Contributions to International, Interdisciplinary Open Data Sharing
By David M. Glover , Peter H. Wiebe, Cynthia L. Chandle, and Sydney Levitus

IOC Contributions to Science Synthesis
By Eileen E. Hofmann and Elizabeth Gross

Looking Into the Future of Ocean Sciences: An IOC Perspective
By Luis Vald├ęs , Luciano Fonseca , and Kathy Tedesco

Special Issue Guest Editors

Deborah Bronk, The College of William & Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Phil Taylor, National Science Foundation
Kathy Tedesco, IOC/UNESCO


Production of this issue was funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences.