Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 07 | Number 1 | 1994

On the Cover: A composite image illustrating aspects of the predator-prey interaction between foraging chinstrap penguins and their schooling krilI prey. An acoustic visualization of the three dimensional prey field is superimposed on photographic images of the diving penguins and schooling krill. A detailed description of the visualization is presented on pages 4-12. The photographs were provided by Flip Nicklin.
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Volume 07 Issue 01

Acoustic Visualization of Patch Dynamics in Oceanic Ecosystems
By Charles H. Greene, Peter H. Wiebe, and Jeannette E. Zamon

The 1976-77 Climate Shift of the Pacific Ocean
By Arthur J. Miller, Daniel R. Cayan , Tim P. Barnett, Nicholas E. Graham, and Josef M. Oberhuber