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Volume 07 Issue 01

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Volume 07, No. 1
Pages 27 - 28

FUTURE OF OCEANOGRAPHY • Numerical Simulation of Arctic Sea-Ice and Ocean Circulation

David M. Holland
First Paragraph

Currently there is considerable interest in improving our understanding of the interactions between the components of the earth’s climate system. The polar regions, which form an integral yet distinct part of this system, are believed to be particularly sensitive to anthropogenically induced global warming and therefore are worthy of special study. The polar climate subsystem consists of the atmosphere, the oceans, and the sea ice. The presence of sea ice on the ocean surface drastically alters the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean at high latitudes.


Holland, D.M. 1994. Numerical simulation of Arctic sea-ice and ocean circulation. Oceanography 7(1):27–28, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1994.14.