Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 05 | Number 1 | 1992

Special Issue: Navy Ocean Modeling and Prediction

On the Cover: Sea-surface height simulated by a 1/8°, 6-layer Pacific ocean model for (top) 17 December 1986 and (bottom) 16 December 1989. The model has realistic bottom topography. Color bar is in centimeters and the extreme values labeled on the color bar are the extremes over the two dates. Meandering contours and eddies are ubiquitous, and strong interannual differences are evident. The simulation was performed on the Cray YMP8/8128 at the Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center, MS, as part of the Naval Ocean Modeling Program.
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Volume 05 Issue 01

By Charles A. Nittrouer

REVIEW AND COMMENT • A Western Tropical Atlantic Experiment (WESTRAX)
By Wendell S. Brown, William E. Johns, Eli J. Katz , Kevin D. Leaman , Julian P. McCreary, Robert L. Molinari , Phillip L. Richardson , and Claus Rooth

Special Issue Guest Editors

Robert A. Peloquin, Office of Naval Research