Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 15 | Number 3 | 2002

On the Cover: Cover Background image: Iceberg. Photo by Jennifer Emery. Inset, middle: Field camp at Cape Shirreff, located on the north side of the South Shetland Islands, where foraging ecology and reproductive success of land-breeding krin predators, such as Antarctic fur seals and chinstrap penguins, are monitored as part of CCAMLR's ecosystem monitoring program. Photo by Michael Goebel. Inset, top and bottom: Crabeater seals, despite their name, prefer to eat Antarctic krill. They are likely the most abundant pinniped in the world (estimates vary widely but 10-15 million individuals is a reasonable number). As such their estimated consumption of krill exceeds that of all the baleen whales in the Southern Ocean. Photos by Derek Needham.
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Volume 15 Issue 03

Interdisciplinary Studies Integrating the Black Sea Biogeochemistry and Circulation Dynamics
By Temel Oguz , Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli , Hugh W. Ducklow, and James W. Murray

From Stirring to Mixing in a Stratified Ocean
By Peter Müller and Chris Garrett

Blue Whale Habitat Associations in the Northwest Pacific: Analysis of Remotely-Sensed Data Using a Geographic Information System
By Sue E. Moore , William A. Watkins, Mary Ann Daher , Jeremy R. Davies, and Marilyn E. Dahlheim


Setting a Precautionary Catch Limit for Antarctic Krill
By Roger P. Hewitt, Jon L. Watkins, Mikio Naganobu , Pavel Tshernyshkov , Andrew S. Brierley, David A. Demer, Svetlana Kasatkina, Yoshimi Takao, Cathy Goss , Alexander Malyshko , Mark A. Brandon, So Kawaguchi , Volker Siegel , Philip N. Trathan , Jennifer H. Emery, Inigo Everson, and Denzil G.M. Miller