Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 05 | Number 3 | 1992

On the Cover: This image is a composite of all Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) data collected during the 7½ years of operation from November 1978 through June 1986. Production of the image required processing over 66,000 individual CZCS scenes (nearly 700 gigabytes of data). Note that some regions of the Pacific Ocean still were not sampled (those in black). Plankton concentrations are low in the central gyres (purple, deep blue), and tend to be higher along coasts (yellow, orange and red). Some of the most notable features in this image are: the clear delineation of the equator through increased plant pigment abundance, the difference between the eastern and western regions of the basin, and the elevated pigment concentrations at higher latitudes and in coastal waters. [See article by Feldman et al., page 143]
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Volume 05 Issue 03

EqPac: A Process Study in the Central Equatorial Pacific
By James W. Murray , Margaret W. Leinen, Richard A. Feely , J.R. Toggweiler, and Rik Wanninkhof

Use of the Coastal Zone Color Scanner for EqPac Planning
By Gene C. Feldman , James W. Murray , and Margaret W. Leinen

Cycling and Accumulation of Biogenic Silica and Organic Matter in High-Latitude Environments: The Ross Sea
By David J. DeMaster , Robert B. Dunbar, Louis I. Gordon , Amy R. Leventer , John M. Morrison, David M. Nelson , Charles A. Nittrouer , and Walker O. Smith Jr.