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Volume 05 Issue 03

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Volume 05, No. 3
Pages 143 - 145

Use of the Coastal Zone Color Scanner for EqPac Planning

Gene C. Feldman James W. Murray Margaret W. Leinen
First Paragraph

One of the most interesting and useful pieces of data for basin-scale planning of EqPac (Leinen and Murray, 1990; Murray et al., 1992, this issue) was the satellite-derived ocean-color data set acquired by the Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) (Feldman et al., 1989). To accomplish EqPac goals we need a more precise estimate of the temporal and spatial distributions of phytoplankton biomass and primary production. Traditional shipboard sampling techniques by themselves are not sufficient to meet these needs on global, or for that matter, basin scales. However, satellite observations of ocean color can provide reliable estimates of marine phytoplankton biomass at the relevant time and space scales.


Feldman, G.C., J.W. Murray, and M.W. Leinen. 1992. Use of the Coastal Zone Color Scanner for EqPac planning. Oceanography 5(3):143–145, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1992.02.