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Volume 05 Issue 03

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Volume 05, No. 3
Pages 155 - 157

REVIEW AND COMMENT • The Ocean "Bible": Reminiscences

Walter Munk
First Paragraph

In 1940, the Director, Harald Sverdrup’s office occupied the southeast corner on the second floor of George Scripps Hall (now renovated through the efforts of Fred and Sally Spiess). William Ritter, the first Scripps Director, had lived on the second floor, and Harald’s office had been Ritter’s study and library. Every Tuesday afternoon Harald held “open door” for the affairs of the Institution. This left him with more time for his personal scientific work than most oceanographers at Scripps have today.


Munk, W.H. 1992. The ocean “bible”: Reminiscences. Oceanography 5(3):155–157, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1992.06.