Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 20 | Number 3 | September 2007

Special Issue: Marine Population Connectivity

On the Cover: In the theme of larval dispersal and population connectivity, the cover is a montage of the larval stages of a variety of fish and invertebrate taxa. All were collected int he Straits of Florida during ichthyoplankton sampling efforts with a 4 meter squared MOCNESS. Each specimen was photographed immediately after net retrieval and prior to any preservation to maintain natural coloration. Photo credit: Cedric Guigand, University of Miami.
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Volume 20 Issue 03

Population Connectivity in Marine Systems: An Overview
By Robert K. Cowen, Glen Gawarkiewicz , Jesús Pineda, Simon R. Thorrold , and Francisco (“Cisco”) E. Werner

Genetic Approaches to Measuring Connectivity
By Dennis Hedgecock , Paul H. Barber , and Suzanne Edmands

Connecting Places: The Ecological Consequences of Dispersal in the Sea
By Steven D. Gaines, Brian Gaylord , Leah R. Gerber, Alan Hastings , and Brian P. Kinlan

Population Connectivity and Conservation of Marine Biodiversity
By Geoffrey P. Jones , Maya Srinivasan , and Glenn R. Almany

Population Connectivity and Spatial Management of Marine Fisheries
By Michael J. Fogarty and Louis W. Botsford

Special Issue Guest Editors

Robert K. Cowen, University of Miami


This issue was generously sponsored by the National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences.