Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 15 | Number 2 | 2002

Special Issue: U.S. GLOBEC

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Volume 15 Issue 02

An Overview of the U.S. GLOBEC Program
By Michael J. Fogarty and Thomas M. Powell

U.S. GLOBEC Northwest Atlantic/Georges Bank Program
By Peter Wiebe, Robert Beardsley, David Mountain, and Ann Bucklin

U.S. GLOBEC Northeast Pacific Program: Overview
By P. Ted Strub , Harold P. Batchelder, and Thomas J. Weingartner

The GLOBEC Northeast Pacific California Current System Program
By Harold P. Batchelder, John A. Barth, P. Michael Kosro , P. Ted Strub , Richard D. Brodeur, William T. Peterson, Cynthia T. Tynan, Mark D. Ohman, Louis W. Botsford, Thomas M. Powell , Franklin B. Schwing, David G. Ainley, David L. Mackas, Barbara M. Hickey, and Steven R. Ramp

The Northeast Pacific GLOBEC Program: Coastal Gulf of Alaska
By Thomas J. Weingartner, Kenneth Coyle , Bruce Finney, Russell Hopcroft, Terry Whitledge , Richard Brodeur, Michael Dagg , Edward Farley , Dale Haidvogel , Lew Haldorson, AI Hermann , Sarah Hinckley, Jeffrey Napp , Phyllis Stabeno, Thomas Kline, Craig M. Lee, Evelyn Lessard , Thomas Royer, and Suzanne Strom

U.S. Southern Ocean Global Ecosystems Dynamics Program
By Eileen E. Hofmann, John M. Klinck, Dan P. Costa , Kendra L. Daly, Joseph J. Torres , and William R. Fraser

Making the Climate Connection: Bridging Scales of Space and Time in the U.S. GLOBEC Program
By Nathan Mantua , Dale Haidvogel, Yochanan Kushnir , and Nicholas Bond

The Challenges Ahead
By Michael J. Fogarty


Intense Benthic Grazing on Phytoplankton in Coral Reefs Revealed Using the Control Volume Approach
By Amatzia Genin , Gitai Yahel, Matthew A. Reidenbach , Stephen G. Monismith, and Jeffrey R. Koseff

Special Issue Guest Editors

Michael J. Fogarty, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; John Quinlan, Rutgers University


National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration