Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 06 | Number 3 | 1993

Special Issue: Technology Transfer

On the Cover: Unmanned aerosonades, a prototype of which is shown over Half Moon Bay, California, may greatly improve the economy and convenience of many ocean surveys. Rob Wood photo.
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Volume 06 Issue 03

Technology Transfer and Scientific Relevance
By Porter Hoagland and Hauke Kite-Powell

The Application of Video Image Processing to the Study of Nearshore Processes
By Rob A. Holman , Asbury H. Sallenger Jr., Tom C. Lippmann, and John W. Haines

Autonomous Oceanographic Sampling Networks
By Thomas B. Curtin, James G. Bellingham, Josko Catipovic, and Doug Webb

Probing Marine Systems with Ribosomal RNAs
By Stephen Giovannoni and S. Craig Cary

Development of Underwater Acoustic Modems and Networks
By Josko Catipovic , David Brady, and teven Etchemendy