Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 06 | Number 1 | 1993

On the Cover: At high latitudes, the sea-ice edge toward the land is commonly marked by a flaw lead at the fast ice/pack ice boundary. This lead opens and closes as the pack ice moves. For short periods, open water may exist in the lead; but more often, the lead will be covered with new ice, because of the rapid ice formation during the cold winter months. Location: Northern Baffin Bay, NW coast of Greenland at 75 ° N. (Photo by Konrad Steffen). [ See article by Barry et el., page 4]
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Volume 06 Issue 01

Advances in Sea-Ice Research Based on Remotely Sensed Passive Microwave Data
By R.G. Barry, J. Maslanik, K. Steffen , R.L. Weaver, V. Troisi , D.J. Cavalieri, and S. Martin

Supersquirt: Dynamics of the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico
By Eric D. Barton, Maria L. Argote, Juan Brown, P. Michael Kosro, Miguel Lavin, Jose M. Robles , Robert L. Smith, Armando Trasviña , and Hector S. Velez