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The Oceanography Society
Volume 31 Issue 03

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Volume 31, No. 3
Pages 104 - 105

THE OCEANOGRAPHY CLASSROOM • You Say Color, I Say Colour, She Says Colugo

Simon Boxall
First Paragraph

I woke up this morning to my wife chuckling. Someone had posted on her local dog walkers’ Facebook page: “Has anyone lost a small long-haired Spaniard? I saw him running down the road 5 minutes ago wearing just a green collar.” The woman who posted this question evidently (1) relied on autocorrect, and (2) did not read her message before hitting the go button. Either that or I must have missed an amazing party with our faculty members the night before…


Boxall, S. 2018. You say color, I say colour, she says colugo. Oceanography 31(3):104–105, https://doi.org/​10.5670/oceanog.2018.315.