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Volume 21 Issue 04

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Volume 21, No. 4
Pages 202 - 204

THE OCEANOGRAPHY CLASSROOM • Working Away From Home—The First Installment

Simon Boxall
First Paragraph

Travel, they say, broadens the mind. Whoever “they” are probably hasn’t passed through an international airport in recent years where travel just leads to a numbing of the grey cells. That said, more students are traveling far afield as a part of their studies than ever before. In the 1970s (OK, my day), the most exciting journey as an undergraduate was to the library. Now, there are myriad options for oceanography students to study abroad as a part of their courses, or to undertake vocational work during the long summers. Their own journeys to the library are now less frequent due to online journals and texts.


Boxall, S. 2008. The oceanography classroom: Working away from home—The first installment. Oceanography 21(4):202–204, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2008.25.